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Long time reader first time submitter, I've been asking my wife to post for a while and she finally agreed that I can post on her behalf.

The first 2 pics are ones that she send a friend of hers after he asked her, she told me he had asked previously but she just ignored it thinking he was drunk, as she doesn't think any one other than me would want to see her naked. i said she should have done it and when he asked again she should do it.

long story short about 3 weeks later he asked again, there i was 10mins in to my shift at work when I get a message to say he'd asked again what should she do? i told to do it as she knows i love showing her off and want her to be with another man so she did first in the bra then out of it, then they messaged for hours about what they would do to each other.

then i received a video attached of her masterbaiting and i was hard as fuck, he had cleary got her all worked up. i asked if she had sent it to him but she hadn't and then he feel asleep before she got to. he never did get to see the video and now the relationship has changed between us all she doesn't feel that she can send it to him, hopefully she can make some new friends to send pics to on her.

the other 3 pics are just because there to good not to share.


all emails, pics and dares welcome from all.

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