Nude In Public

Nude in Public

Nude In Public -

Once, while I was trimming the shrubs of a very pretty wife of a customer, she invited me in to "cool off". That was a very bad choice of words because did we EVER get hot and worked up!

And, right in the middle of the best fuck that you can imagine, we hear a door slam outside. "Shit", she says...It's her husband...home early!!!

Damn! Damn damn damn! She runs out of the room putting on her clothes, and I scramble around looking for mine. But, I can't find my damn pants!

I hear voices downstairs and it sounds like he is coming up the steps. Shit....I do the only thing that I can....I go out the window with just my shirt on...BARE ASS! Luckily, I have my pruning shears on the top of the ladder, so I pick them up and start clip clip clipping away at the jasmine vines growing just under her Bedroom window!

Her husband bursts into the room expecting to find a "lover" in there and all he sees is me working on the trellis vines! We had a nice long conversation about the flowers and such and then he leaves to go play golf.

Whewwwww....Close call! It's a good thing that I didn't have any pants on, cause I would have shit them for sure.





Every evening laptops get turned on and the naughty chatting begins. Girls are dared to flash and couples put on shows ...


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