Exhibitionist Kim Exhibitionist Kim Exhibitionist Kim

Exhibitionist Wife Kim - 32

Threesome with John and Jen ...

JOHN - I shed my pants and slid in on the other side of Kim, not really knowing what my role was with Kim having told me she wouldn't want me with another woman. I had my boxers on, they were naked and it was like, "Ok, what do we do"? Jen leaned over and put her lips to Kim's and that's all it took. They had a very hot kiss while touching each other's breasts and just exploring. Jen started moving to kiss Kim's nipples and moving down, kissing all the way. She wasted no time moving between Kim's legs which Kim had open and waiting for her. Jen was there and Kim was hot. As we kissed, Kim whispered while pushing at my boxers, "Please us both". Kim came as I got my boxers off and Jen continued her giving to Kim. Lying on my side, I felt Kim's hand on my cock then a hand on my balls and it was Jen's. Jen wrapped her hand around Kim's and together they stroked my hard shaft.

Kim exploded again. They turned loose on me as Jen moved up to kiss Kim and asked if she did it good. Kim told her she gave her two orgasms, how could she even ask that and they kissed again. Then, Kim rolled Jen over and my wondering if Kim would eat Jen was now answered as she made her way down.

As I kissed Jen's breasts, sucked her nipples, she reached for my cock. Between Jen's thighs I could see my beautiful wife, eyes closed, so hot, satisfying her best friend. If this was a dream I hoped I never would wake up. Jen arched, screamed, squeezed my cock so hard, then reached to hold Kim between her legs. Kim cleaned up and then moved up.

They sat next to me and Kim straddled my face and pointed Jen to my cock. She asked Jen if she needed a condom and she said no. Jen lowered herself onto me and it felt so hot. Kim lowered her pussy to my mouth and that was so hot. They kissed as they rode my cock and tongue and I was hoping I was gonna make it. Jen started humping me so hard and she again screamed as she came, with Kim cumming almost at the same time. Jen slowly moved on me as her orgasm subsided and as I cleaned Kim. Kim said to swap, and Jen said she needed to wipe herself off, and Kim told her not to. Jen sat on my face and her pussy was so hot, so creamy, and Kim sat on my cock. Cleaning Jen before I ate her was a pleasure. Kim was facing away from me and bent over while fucking me exposing my cock in her pussy to Jen. Jen leaned over and I don't really know what all she was doing cause I couldn't see with her pussy in my face. A couple times I felt her tongue across my cock so I assumed she was just licking at random. Jen got really hot when I tongued her ass, later saying no one ever did that to her. Kim came first, and really big, then Jen.

They pulled away from me and went to my cock, amazingly still going strong. Together, they cleaned Kim's cum off me then together, took turns licking and sucking me. They both took one of my balls and sucked them together, then back to my cock. Kim told Jen it was almost there and asked if she wanted some (Kim won't say cum, but Jen knew what she meant) and Jen said yes. They were giggling and waiting like two fish with their mouths open. Kim took the first shootings, then in transition to Jen's mouth, one spurt hit Jen's chin, another the corner of her mouth before Jen got her mouth over me to finish it off. Kim took her tongue and licked the cum from Jen's chin and held her tongue to Jen's mouth. Jen took Kim's tongue into her mouth, then Kim licked the cum on the corner of Jen's mouth and shared that with Jen. Kim asked Jen to take her tongue and clean Kim's mouth before we kissed and she did, in a really hot kiss. Kim moved up to me and our eyes met and she told me I better kiss her and I did. Thank God the stuff was all gone.

KIM - When I woke up Sunday, there was Jen lying next to me. The taste, smell, kisses, and pleasure from the night before raced through me and I felt tingly all over. I leaned over and gently kissed Jen's lips. I didn't mean to wake her but I did. She kissed me back, as we cuddled. Jen said she hoped I would feel the same as the night before when I woke up, and I kissed her hard and deep. I smelled coffee and guessed John must be outside.

I went to the bathroom then looked outside to see John coming up from the dock. He loves going down there early it's so quiet and peaceful. Jen was in the bathroom when John came in and we hugged and kissed. I was naked with us kissing when Jen came out. She put a t-shirt on then came behind me and put her arms around me. I turned to the side to kiss her, and asked why the t-shirt. I asked if after all we did was she embarrassed for John to see her naked. She said not really but it was dark and she wasn't up and around. I reached down and lifted her shirt up and over her head and told her I enjoy seeing her naked. John leaned over and kissed one of Jen's nipples and I kissed her lips. She said she wanted us in bed again as she slid her hand inside John's shorts and her other hand between my legs.

We laid on the bed and went into a 69 position with Jen on top. John knelt down and moved to watch my lips and tongue on Jen. It turned me on with him watching me. I raised Jen up and sort of moved her towards John and he joined me. I had Jen so spread open for us both to look, to taste, to share. Together, we licked her clit, so swollen, tongued inside her, sucked her lips, sucked her clit. I tongued her clit while John tongued her butt. This was so hot for me that I came so hard, Jen right behind me. John and I cleaned Jen together. I love being between Jen's legs but even more when John is there too. I reached down and felt John was hard and as we kissed, I asked him to put it inside her. Doggy style he went inside with my face inches away. I could feel John sliding back and forth across my tongue as I licked Jen's clit. I was so hot, Jen was so hot I couldn't keep up with her so I watched as they moved so hard and fast. Soon they both orgasmed . I licked her clit as they slowed down. John pulled out and there was their cream everywhere, all over John and coming out of Jen. I put my mouth completely over Jen and just tongued and sucked. There was so much of it. I came again as I cleaned them both up. I just love the taste of it and doing it.

Jen turned around and laid on top of me, taking John into her mouth for just a minute to show her appreciation of what he gave her. She and I kissed for a long time and then we decided it was time to go for breakfast.

John - Tho Kim is still hot from this weekend, she asked me to post our excitement with Jay upon returning from the concert a week ago.

Remembering Kim had not brought panties she could wear with the low rise shorts, had gotten excited to the point she had to remove them when we left and dry herself off. At first, she thought she had 'started' as it was that time, cause of how messy she was, but relieved to see she hadn't. We all knew it could come at any time, so we wanted all we could get. She said it was embarrassing but she must have had an orgasm in her pants, but blamed it on us with our hands in her pants with guys watching. Jay reminded her he did the same thing in her hand before.

Kim wanted to go down to the dock when we got back and told us to go ahead, she wanted to clean up first. We offered to clean her up but she said next time. Kim came down with us both a beer and her a wine cooler for her and a blanket. She had removed her top and was naked.

We laid the blanket out and on her knees reached up and rubbed both our cocks thru our shorts, and saying she was so hot and horny. A surprise to hear Kim say that in front of Jay. We stripped and Kim's mouth wrapped around my cock. I started lying down with her never releasing me from her mouth. On my back, she was between my legs sucking so hard and Jay raised her rear and began eating her from the rear. She came almost instantly and we were all amused at her telling us how bad she needed that. Kim turned around and staddled my face, pulling Jay, standing, to her mouth. I know Jay had cleaned her up after she came, but already she was dripping wet again. She had told from the start how hot and horny she was and I could believe that. She had sucked me like she couldn't get enough and I was sure she was sucking Jay just as hard. With her pussy in my face, I couldn't see, but I could hear the sucking, slurping sounds, along with her vocal sounds of pleasure. She came again, pressing her pussy against my face so hard I couldn't breathe. She raised up some for me to clean up. When Kim cums, she secretes a thicker, sticky fluid. Alot of women don't, maybe most don't, but she does and I love the taste of it.

I cleaned her cum, but I couldn't keep her juices licked up fast enough. She was flooding nonstop. Kim laid on her back and Jay moved between her legs, spreading her soaked pussy and looking at it, laughing and telling Kim looks like she just can't get enough tonight. She raised up and pulled his face to her pussy, leaned back and pulled my cock to her mouth.

Kim lasted longer this time before cumming but came huge, and was ready to fuck. No condom. Jay tried to tell her he doesn't screw sluts, and was ok, and I think she almost did. But she said no, telling him to go get one from the house. Funny watching Jay's naked ass streaking up the hill after a condom. Kim laid me back and climbed on and was still riding me when Jay returned. He had lost most of his erection in the run to the house, but still wasn't leaking. Kim turned around on me facing away and riding me, began getting Jay up again, which didn't take long at all. Kim was humping me so hard and the sounds of her wet pussy so loud that I wondered how far the noise carried in the quiet nite. She pulled away from Jay's cock to cum and she let it out, too. Her being so hot and vocal made me cum as well. She slowly moved on me and Jay asked after that big of one was there any left. She told him if he didn't mind a mess she definitely had more to give. Jay was putting the condom on as Kim rolled over to the rear position to clean me up, and there was a mess. Jay entered her from behind. I just love to feel her mouth on my cock when she moans, and the vibration it gives. Jay came before she finished cleaning me, but once finished, pulled away from his cock and turned to clean him up. Describing to me later how cleaning him with the condom wasn't as hot, but my cum on it excited her from our fuck. She said the accumulation of Jay's cum gathered in the end of the condom felt so warm against her tongue and made her want it.

That was the second of four sexual times that weekend with Jay. Jay is gonna take an HIV tst and bring the results, but Kim said we need to research this. I know years ago they said it may take up to ten years to show up. I don't know if things have changed, but Kim told Jay if that was the case, the condom has to stay.

**At this point Kim was at Jen's house. Jen has a husband named Bill who isn't very sexual with Jen and a bit of an angry guy. When he heard about Jen's escapades with Kim/John he said it was only fair that he get to at least watch the 2 girls together once/month. Kim didn't want to but felt obligated so did it with reluctance.

KIM - Wasn't going to post 'til tomorrow AM, but Jen wants a nap so I'm on the porch. Thanks for your concern on last night. It was terrible. Bill was at least very polite and nice enough to let us go in the bedroom, undress and start before he came in. He sat in a chair, never spoke or anything, and when we finished, he left the room so we could get up.

Jen knew I wasn't good when I got there. We kissed in the bed just a minute, then took turns orally with each other one time. That was it. Bill apologized again for how he treated me the other night (yelling at me saying Jen was cheating because of me etc...) and I thanked him for making last night as easy as he did. I never even got wet, first time in 11 weeks.

John at home and me naked at someone elses house having sex, even if it was Jen, just in my mind wasn't acceptable. Jen is fine doing that and that's great, but I'm not. Jen did say they had sex after I left and she said it was even good. At least I'll know what to expect next time I have to do it.

But, I have 30 days of Jen before I have to 'earn' my right again, and I started first thing this morning, pulling in to a rest area and giving her what I didn't give very well last night while she watched for us. We got it on again on the dock just before coming in. I made up for being dry last night as I soaked her whole face this afternoon. When Jen gets between my legs, she's there until I can't take anymore, and always comes up with a wet, smiling face.

John will be here later and we'll go to the concert. I said I was wearing those black shorts without panties, and I bought a top, but don't know if I'll muster up the courage to wear it. It's a semi-sheer black lace top and I was going to wear a black lacy bra under it. It's almost like just wearing a bra out. Maybe a few wine coolers will help. Jen is wearing a miniskirt and thong panties and a loose, low cut top, braless. I can't wait for the guys to see Jen's hand in the back of my pants. Because they'll know I'm not wearing panties by how far down they see is why I get so hot lying on my back and them knowing the dark they see in the front has to be my hair. I'm getting wet thinking about it. Can't wait to get back afterwards and have John and Jen both. "

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