Naked Wife

Naked Wife

This Naked Wife picture was sent in by John.

"Years ago my wife was on her back, lifeless, blah. We implemented date night, usually Saturday night, where we got a sitter for the kids and just did something together. Even something simple like holding hands at a movie or quiet talk over a few drinks somewhere did a lot to rev her up and some great sex after reattaching to each other.

Later we bought a hot tub. Wow! Nothing like it to unwind and rev up your sex life. It took a while but eventually naked time in it and playing. Over a longer period of time naked with other people in it, then some touching, then...(use your imagination). Over the years there have been hundreds of times that she went to bed wetter and hotter than the hot tub after an evening of playing in it. The attatched pic is of her just before one of our hot, hot tub parties. What a Minx!"



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