My Wife

My Wife


I fucked my wife in the ass outside on the hood of my car. It was after a wedding we went to. We parked the car and she pulled me over to the hood, lifted her skirt and told me to do her right now. It was 2 in the morning and it was a busy street. It was very aggressive and hot and will always be a hot memory.

I'll never forget it as it was only the second time I did her in the ass. The first time we were messin around in bed and I went down to eat her out, she was shaved. She loved that! So I was eating her and she was sucking on me, when I went a little lower and tounged her asshole. She then went nuts and she said no one had ever done that to her. Well I got her all worked up and slide a finger in her ass and she went nuts again! She couldn't take it anymore and got on top and started to fuck my cock. She brought herself to an orgasm and then she got up and turned and faced my feet and lowered herself down and then fucked me with such aggresiveness I almost couldn't take it. When she finished she told me that was her first time in the ass and from there on she wanted it more often.

The car sex was more intense for her and now she gets horny every time we drive somewhere. She will usually flash me and sometimes even take off all of her clothes and drive home like that. God I love her to death! We attatched a picture of her on one of those occasions and thought it would be a great addition to your site. - Don & Sue



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