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Hi Webmaster,

While my husband and I were vacationing last year, and experiencing "Mardi Gras", we found ourselves drinking a little too much, and getting caught up in the spirit of the moment.

I've never flashed any part of my body to anyone, not for the thought of exposing myself to a stranger or strangers, but for I'm a little insecure about my body. Having had more then a handful of k*ds, they took the best of me.

Getting the chance to cut loose, dress a little slutty and drink without having to watch the k*ds was a real treat. My husband's fetish is that of legs and feet, especially while encased in sheer, silky hosiery, ie: stockings & pantyhose, so I decided to give him a little treat.

While my husband was doing some shopping at a small convenient store, I found my chance to get dressed to hit the crowded streets. I slipped in to a silky, periwinkle, one piece lingerie nightie, that had sheer sides and a built in thong panty. Looking in the mirror, I couldn't believe that was me. I sat at the edge of the bed and rolled my fingers into a pair of sheer, silky, nylon stockings. I slid them onto my feet and up my legs. As I stood up to attach to the matching garter straps, I caught a hot flash of just how sexy I felt.

When my husband entered the hotel room, I ignored his call. He then called for me again. I slipped one of my black nylon covered legs out from the bathroom door, and dangled my heel and said "here I am".

I then stepped out and I swear he looked like he was going to faint. He was in shock and didn't believe it was me. I removed my masquerade mask and he was still in a wow. His hands were shaking, his heart was beating as fast as mine was. "Wow" he said. "You look so Fucking Hot, Sexy, Beautiful, Mmmmmmm".

That being said, we embraced in a long, wet, passionate kiss. His hands felt me up from my silky thighs, up over my naked ass. He stepped back and adjusted my tits so that they were evenly covered with the lingerie.

He looked me into my eyes and dared me to walk openly in my lingerie, without my over coat. He double dared me to walk around with both of my breast out openly. I was shocked and yet very turned on by his dare. Not one to turn down a dare I said "we'll see", he then pulled me close and we began making out. He then asked me if we were to meet someone, say a guy if I would let him fuck me? I thought for a moment then responded by saying "I'll take the dare".

I then slipped into a short iridescent rain coat, grabbed my husbands hand and headed out. It was shoulder to shoulder, body to body. I think it was the alcohol, the sexy outfit and the sexual synergy that was emitted from the crowd of sexually charged people that caused me to do the un thinkable.

I told hubby that I was thirsty, he resented the fact that he needed to push through the crowd of people to get me a cold beer. I'm sure he wanted to keep my buzz flowing. He kissed me and headed off. Within minutes I lost him, out of sight.

It was about 10 minutes later when he was at the front of the line and was waving to me. No sooner that he stopped, the holiday parade started. There was no way that he was making it back until it was over. I was dying of thirst and look around to see if anyone had anything extra. A real good looking guy behind me noticed me looking around in despair asked if he could help me. I hesitantly said "no thank you" then murmured under my breath a cold beer.

I had become so hot that I contemplated removing my coat. I figured I could cool off and complete the dare. I slipped my coat off and hung it over my arm. I immediately felt cooler but still very thirsty. All of a sudden I felt this cold wet object on the back of my neck. That good looking guy behind me managed to scrape me up an ice cold beer.

I immediately spun around, and greeted his ice cold gesture with a heart warming smile. As he looked me up and down, he commented on my beautiful masquerade mask. He noticed I was with someone and he commentated that I wouldn't see him for at least an hour and a half. He said the path was blocked off until the parade finishes.

Bummed I turned around and thought about my poor husband. I then felt my new drinking friend get closer to me. He said "excuse me". I looked at him and just thanked him for the beer. A minute or two later he bumped into me again, but this time it was different. I felt what felt like a bulge in his pants as he bumped into my naked thong filled ass. This time I let it go. He whispered in my ear "sorry, it the crowd from behind". I turned to verify his excuse and "Wow" packed double then before.

As I turned back around, he bumped me again but this time he was still against me. My big tits were hitting the back if the woman in front of me, I needed to excuse my self to her. His bulge happened to be pushing just below my tail bone. He whispered in and said " please excuse me, I'd like to say sorry again, but I'm really enjoy this". Not knowing what to say, I accepted it. He then asked if I was going to repay him for the ice cold beer. I couldn't even turn my head all the way to answer him, so I said "what do you want"? He said that he wanted to see my tits. I went deaf for a minute, then he said it louder "I would love to see your tits". I knew this moment would come, but I thought my husband would be next to me to share this. I turned my head sideways and said " I can't even move to show you". I thought that would end it. No sooner that I said that he was forced even closer. He then said he'd love to feel them then. He said he would give me a few pairs of beads, if I let him.

He then nuzzled my neck and waited for my answer. I must admit the sensation of his breath on my neck, his bulging crotch against my next to naked ass, I began to feel weak in the knees. I allowed his request. He slid his arms around me like he was my lover, and pulled the front of my lingerie down. My 36d tits fell free. I guess this was part of the double dare. Nah, I needed to walk through the entire crowd with them out. I was just trying to rationalize with what was happening I guess.

He then with both hands simultaneously began to play with my sweaty, milky tits. He rubbed his finger tips over my nipples and they immediately became erect. In my head I was thinking how long do I let him before I stop him. He then removed his hands, bumped into me then slipped several strands of party beads over my head, they hung just below my tits. They actually furthered my arousal.

He put his arms around me again and managed to surprise me with another cold beer. Just as my buzz was leveling off. I laughed and said "what do I have to do now"? He slid his wet cold hands under the strands of beads and cupped my tits.

What he said next, blew me away. He said that he wanted my panties as a souvenir. I laughed and said I wasn't wearing any, that the thong was attached. In a split second I felt one of his hands feeling up my ass. I swallowed hard and figured he would realize and stop. He could hardly slide his hand over my ass for we were so close. I felt him slide his hand over my nylon thigh to the front of my lingerie. His hand roamed all over till he reached my crotch. He began to gently rub it, all awhile still playing with one of my tits. He whispered in my ear that I was right and I wasn't wearing panties. As he said that his fingers helped to slide the front of my thong aside and I felt it unsnap as he did so. He ever so gently pulled my back and inserted not one but two of his long, thick fingers into my hot, creamy hole.

I arched back laying my head just below his chin and allowed his fingers to penetrate me as deep as possible, I couldn't squirm for there was not enough room. I was lost in the moment. All the drinking, colorful lights, loud music led to this sexually stimulating moment. I shuttered, jerked and found the strangers open mouth with my willing tongue as I came all over the hand. As intense this erotic, sensual encounter no one around us seemed the wiser.

As the parade was finishing up, my drinking buddy now added at least a dozen or more beads around my neck, and told me that I made his vacation. And that he would look for me the following year, "same time, same place" we agreed as we faced each other for one last kiss. Still captivated by the moment, I managed to snap the crotch of my wet thong, and made way through the thinning crowd in seek of my husband.

I greeted him with open arms, no jacket to cover up my sexy outfit, my tits fully out, covered with beads. He smiled and said "He's never loved me more, then this moment". We made love the entire evening into the early morning then again. As my husband made love to me missionary style I told him of my very sexually erotic experience. He licked and kissed my achy feet, sucked my silky stocking covered toes and brought me to climax at the same time in my story.

xox The Sexy Mylf -











Awkward Moment ...

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Loser Must Masturbate for the Other 2 ...

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