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My name is Astrid and I'm 18. I was once a very shy girl until I met my boyfriend. One day my boyfriend and I were chatting and he said that he loves me more than i love him. I disagreed and he asked me to prove it. I asked how i was supposed to prove it and he said that I should do a dare. I didn't really think about it too much as I was out to prove a point, so no ground rules were set. I had already agreed and My boyfriend started to tell me what...

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... my dare was. He started by saying that the dare had to involve me being nude in some form in front of people i didn't know. He then proceeded to tell me that this was going to be achieved by getting my pussy pierced and both my nipples. It took me ages to build up the courage to get these tasks done but finally i rang up the piercing place and booked an appointment. And there it was... set in concrete i was going to get it done.

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Finally after what seemed like a lifetime the big day finally came around. I was nervous as hell to say the least!! As i made my way from the car I could barely walk. The thought going through my mind of what i was about to undertake. Someone, who I didn't know... was going to see me naked! All my boyfriend could do was laugh and giggle like a little school boy at the predicament that i was in. But still i was out to prove him wrong.

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Here are some more photos of Noelle. She loves hearing your feedback and would love some tributes as well. Open to chatting with other couples or individuals. She loves seeing how hard her photos make you! ...

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... MILF Gas Station Dare - Hello, thanks for all the great responses to the hot tub pics! Weather is perfect for outdoor daring so that's going to be a theme for the next few. We had more than a few emails asking not just to be outside, but for her to be out in public, so we decided to have a little fun while refueling the car. Plenty of cars drove by, but none came in to the station. I'm not sure if the attendant inside ever looked out at us, but I'm sure he enjoyed the show if he did! ...

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the window (pic 4). She then laid down on the bed and we completed another dare with some sexy ice (pic 5). We then had her take a pic of herself in the mirror. (pic 6) The next pic is of her in the doggystyle position on the couch. (pic 7) The next few pics are of her in the shower soaping up (pic 8,9,10). Those are most of the dares we did, the rest of the pics are playing with various toys and her fisting herself. The last pic is of her hot pussy dripping cum. So now that we have notched off quite a few dares, we hope other will work up the courage to start posting dares of what they are actually taking pics of. We love to hear comments or request at voycoup @ - get creative on the dares and send them in :)

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We are sending in our first video! It has been awhile since our last post. We have been checking the site every day, and there have been some great dares! D&A have wowed usual! Thanks to all the daring ladies and couples that share their dares with us! The weather was so nice today that we decided to get out and go for a drive. It is nearing the end of the Bluebonnet season so we took advantage of them before they all died out. They are all over the sides of the roads here and so beautiful. As we drove out I slipped off my bottoms and panties. Alan got really excited and encouraged me to take off more. I slipped off my bra and threw it in the back seat. He rubbed my leg and felt me up until I was wet. When we got out of town a little I took of my top and rode nude. ...

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... We just got home from an awesome vacation in Key West. We had lots of fun daring and picture taking last week. This first dare is actually from the fun we had getting there at the airport and in the parking lot shuttle to the airport. Don't worry, the rest will follow soon ;) We got to the airport pretty early in the morning and beat all but a few people to our terminal. I came prepared with my skirt on with no panties on underneath. I started reading and spread my legs a little for Alan to see. He got out the ...

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Here is the next dare from our recent vacation. We were staying in a neat house in old town Key West. There was a balcony off of our room that was visible to people walking by on the sidewalk and others staying in the neighboring houses. The first picture shows all the windows I could see from where I was laying out. I stepped out on the balcony and let the sun hit my bare skin. It felt so nice. I just sat mostly concealed on the balcony at first and then Alan dared me to lay up on the ledge where I could be more easily seen. I looked around and the neighboring

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