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Lost Clothing

BY: Girls

Worst was at a club when I was alone and wearing a one piece pvc cat suit. I went into the toilet and because the floor was wet I hung it on the door. someone swiped it and was out the door before I could open the stall.

I had no underwear on and had left my shoes in the club area with my handbag. I was not wearing any underwear to was totally nude! I hadn't even brought a coat with me!

The first girl to come into the bathroom just laughed at me and didn't help, but thankfully the second got my shoes and bag and leant me her coat (short) to get a taxi home.

Once when Jenna and I were clubbing a man would not leave us alone, so we pretended to be interested (after a lot of time telling him to piss off) and Jenna took him outside. I went and got into her car and waited. five minutes later she came running into the car naked and I drove off.

She had striped naked and got him to do the same then ran off with his clothes leaving him naked with only her mini dress to cover up with.

And I must admit that on three occasions I have stolen shoes at clubs. Sorry, I just could not resist.


Well lets see where to start and with who. We have both done this. Well first I have gotten Dan alot of times(well he has gotten me too). A few of the more memorable are Dan fell asleep on the couch waiting for me to get home from work (its so cute when he does that). Well I came home with some friends of mine a few days ago. I told them to be very quiet and we walked right by Dan he never even moved. So I got a little daring I pulled off his quilt figuring he had on underwear (kinda hoping he was nude. He was nude alright). Well he most have slept about another 15 minutes. There was about 10 of us girls looking at him on and off. Well at first he slowly woke up I think he was cold than all of a sudden we here this "holy shit" come from the couch well he looked for just about anything to cover with. All the blankets from the couch where in the kitchen. *smile* He ran by us with a couch cushion and right into the bedroom some of the gals yelled to him no need to cover we have been looking at it for awhile already.

Another time he was on the ladder. Working on a upstairs window he asked me to get some tools he had dropped. So I grabbed the tools went up the ladder (now I'm not a ladder fan) so I went up the ladder very slowly. He told me to hand him the tools. Well I was grabbing the ladder as hard as I could. I got up to him and put my arm around his waist to hold on he looked down at me and started laughing saying you a little scared. Well that statement couldn't be allowed to stand on its own. So on the way down I grabbed his shorts saying I'm slipping (I wasn't really but it was a good excuse). I pulled his shorts around his ankles (he wasn't wearing underwear) and I continued on down the ladder. It was funny watching him try to put them back on and try to be cool about it while still standing up there.

But I guess when I think about it he has done the same to me more times than I can remember. A few I remember vividly are one time we where on a friends boat and we where fishing well the fish where not biting so me and Dan decided to go swimming neither of us had suits so Dan said lets just go skinny dipping I said ok so we went swimming for awhile. While his friends keeped fishing on the other side of the boat. well after awhile they decided to go in and called us back. Well Dan got to the boat first and he grabbed my clothes. He than handed me a towel (well more like a wash cloth) I dryed off the best I could all the guys where appauding. I than asked Dan for my clothes his comment was your still wet and you don't want them to stick to your clothes all night at the club. So I covered myself up the best I could. It was a case of either top or bottom the towel wouldn't cover both. I choose to cover my bottom half. So here I am topless with four guys on a boat. Well I was wondering how far Dan was going to take this we kept getting closer and closer to shore and we keep seeing more and more boats. I really didn't want to pull into dock nude. The other guys wifes would most likly be upset. So finally I thought someone would have to make a move so I removed the towel and stood up. Dan and the other guys looked shocked Dan grabbed my clothes from the foot locker I smiled and said shouldn't I be completly dry before I put them on you know the towel is pritty wet. he just rolled his eyes and I put my clothes back on.


One othertime he had some friends over they where playing cards and drinking beer. Well I was in the kitchen doing cleaning, watching TV and getting these guys beer (they all drink like fish). Well this one time one of the guys made a comment that I was a very good waitress and that they where sure Dan would tip me well at the end of the night. Well they got a little drunk and I started drinking with them too so I was not feeling much pain. They keeped calling me waitress when they wanted a beer so I thought look the part. So I went and put on my french maids outfit (the conservative one, two peice with a belt and not very reveiling) well when I came in the room all the guys looked surprised and I gave them there beer and sat right next to Dan like before. Well the next beer call I got up and Dan got up and asked for a hug (he is a real hugger so nothing unussual). I gave him a hug and as I backed away he grabbed the belt and the top swung me around and the top was off. His comment was he liked a topless waitress better. He handed me the top back but kept the belt I put the top back on and held it closed as best I could. Well after I sat back down Dan got up to use the bathroom caring the belt and as he got up pulled on the top agian so it exposed one of my breasts.

well after that evertime any of the guys got up they would walk by me and pull on the top so it opened to one side or the other (they seemed to need the rest room alot that night planned I'm sure). Well it was about 3am and Dan called last round so I got up counted 8 including myself and went downstairs to get the beer not thinking I got all the beer in my arms and entered the room. well each of the guys grabbed a beer and grabbed either the top a little on the bottoms. By the time I had delivered all the beer around the table my top was fully open and my bottoms where at my knees. I regained myself and they finished there last beers but just as the guys left Dan put his arm around me and with one quick swing I was agian topless and he smiled and said I still like topless waitress better. Next time if I get the guts up he just might have a topless waitress.


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