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This is for the seven position ass dare. (and Bris birthday ass shot(;). We wanna start out by saying thank you to everyone that enjoys our pictures and were very flattered if we've turned you on or made you happy with our pictures(: and we love the dares and feedback so keep em cumin(;...

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D & J

So I'm 21 now and haven't posted here in a long time, my BF and I decided that it was way over due. We both enjoy the swinger lifestyle and have had so much fun over the last year. He loves watching me with other guys and sometimes lets me play without him as long as I take some pics. I am not a jealous or greedy GF either, I love watching him please other women. So we have decided to share some of our sexcapades that we experienced over the last year...

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Well my last post surprise worked. I sent the link to hubby at work. He couldn't leave his office for 15 minutes because of his rock hard cock I gave him. In that post the webmaster included a link to adult friend finder. I checked it out and by lunch sent hubby the username and password. Made him hard again. We chatted and swapped pics with several couples in that site..

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Opportunities for adventure have been few and far between, but there's fun on the horizon! We've discovered there's a local 'spa' which we think may have more to it :) We're going to check it out in a couple of weekends' time. We've also made some contact with a few people online who are local to us, but it's tricky to organise making the next step and actually meeting up. Watch this space though. We got invited to one party, but didn't see the message in time (gutted!) - it sounded a perfect opportunity. Nevermind, hopefully there will be others:) ...

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It's been a long time since we last posted but life gets so busy and in the way some times! we have recently been using adult friend finder and having loads of fun chatting on there. These are some photos a frequent chatter asked us to take and we thought we might as well stick them up on here as well! As always we love to hear from all you couples and love to share some stories and pictures!

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Long time! So a few more pictures today for another sweet dare here on TODP with all you wonderful people. I really like being nude for your pleasure. I have come to respect this site and all of you here. It's been much, MUCH better thank I ever imagined and is something I'm so happy I did. Thanks for all the feedback, it's made such a difference. Please let me know if you are up for some chat by webcam. I want to show you what I've been up to. I also want to see what you do when aroused. I've also opened up a profile on AFF to 'expand my horizons' so to speak.

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