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I love all these dares and really get off reading them and imagining how they feel. I too have something to contribute.

I know for me one of the most erotic experiences was at a strip club. Greg (my husband) and I got to know the owners and at times during the week a few of my girl friends and I would stop for lunch.

Before you all laugh, this is out of the way but a very nice place. During the lunch time or early afternoon it is a mixed crowd.

The owner's wife came over and first let me say she is very intelligent knows how to run a good business and a former dancer.

She started kidding me as they would be having amateur dancers and told me I should come. I laughed at first but the idea was exciting and know what the girls do isn't easy.

I know, most will say its only dancing, but it is different from a dance floor with others.

I got home and talked about it with Greg and he liked the idea and he kidded with me about the fact that I already had my routine down as I strip for him.

The following week we stopped in and I was very nervous but it was early in the day and not alot of people yet. So I did it. I had never experienced such a emotional roller coaster.

To strip before compelete strangers and have them slowly put money in your g-string.

In the end I really appreciated all the coments but haven't done it since. It was worth it though and the picture attatched is of me when we got home that day. - Carrie



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Dare Videos Dare Videos

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