The Hot Tub

Hot Tub

My wife and I were invited to a friends house who had just put in a new hottub. He was having some guests over to have some snacks, drinks and enjoy his new hot tub. Everybody was encouraged to bring a bathing suit to enjoy the hottub. About 15 people showed up and we were all having a good time, eating, drinking and relaxing with some good conversation. We knew a few of the people there but most were people we had not met previously.

There were 5 couples, including our friend's wife and the rest were just single guys from our friend's workplace, basically 5 women and the rest guys, married and single. Now my wife was (she's an ex now) a very sexy looking brunette with a great figure, a very sexy smile and normally she was the most "innocent" little mom you could imagine. She usually dressed very conservatively and would blush at the mere mention of anything to do with sex.

She did have one trait about her that used to drive guys wild. She loved to tease and flirt and she was a BIG tease, always promising way more than she would do. That would soon come back to haunt her. As the evening progressed a few people would get in and out of the hottub but mostly people just stood around and talked, the guys talking sports and work and the women all congregating and talking about children or other women.

It was about 9:00 Pm and a few guests left. Soon it was down to just 2 couples, our host and his wife and me and my wife and the 5 single guys. With the other women gone his wife and mine were now forced to hang around with the guys. Now my wife had not even tried the hottub so she had not even put on her swimsuit. The host's wife was an average looking lady, not bad but nothig to brag about either. That meant that most of the guys were now competing for my wife's attention. My wife had another "bad" trait. After a few glasses of wine she would just be plastered.

Of course the guys stayed on the beer but the 2 ladies began to drink some wine and soon my wife and his were both drunk and getting a little more daring. My wife began to do her tease thing and she was really working these guys over bad. They all wanted her to put on her bikini and hit the hottub and she led them on promising to get in the hottub later. I know they were all anxious to see her hot body in a bikini. Well it was getting late and finally my friend's wife insisted that everyone put on their swimsuits and join her in the hottub. Of course all the guys quickly hoped in and my friend's wife jumped in with them. Everyone then started telling my wife to put her bikini on and join the group in the hottub. I guess to get her nerve up she quickly tossed back almost a half glass of wine and then went inside to change. You could feel the anticipation of seeing her and they were not disappointed when she "finally" came out to join us.

She had a hot pink thong bikini on and now I knew why she had waited so long to put it on. It was pretty small and showed off her ample breasts and totally exposed her nice round ass cheeks. She had worn it at home in our pool but she had never worn it out in public before because it was just too small and didn't adequately cover her. Later she told me she ahd just brought it as a joke and never intended to wear it but the wine had made her inhibitions fade. Well the joke was about to be on her. I tell you when she walked out there all the eyes were focused right on her and you could see the lust in every male eye there, including our host. I thought I might be upset but I got a real kick out of watching everyone stare at her. If she wasn't already the center of attention, she was now. After many of the guys had made various comments about her thong and telling her how great she looked in it the conversation immediately turned to sex and skinny-dipping. Well now she was in her element.

She was really teasing the guys and saying how she "loved" to skinny-dip. Now of course she never had but they didn't know that and you could tell the guys were heating up and it had nothing to do with the water. Soon the conversation just revolved around trying to get her to take her suit off and skinny-dip. She led them on but wouldn't dare remove either the top or bottom. Now they were begging her to take it off and she was eating it up. She'd even let down a shoulder strap like she was really considering taking her top off but she'd chicken out and pull it back up. Well that got these guys even more uptight. This went on for awhile and all the while she had another glass or 2 of wine. Now she was really plastered and giggling and just enjoying toying with those guys.

Those guys were dying to see more so I thought "what the heck" and reached over and started to undo her top. At first she didn't realize what I was doing then she caught on and tried to hold her top on. I got it untied and then began to pull on it. She fought to keep it on but I encouraged the others to join me. Soon my wife had many pairs of hands on her trying to pull her top off. She was able to stop us for awhile but soon it became a losing cause. I was so excited and she was too about all those different hands reaching for her. I could see guys, strangers, grabbing her tits, getting a quick feel as they tried to get that top off. Suddenly it just popped off and one guy held it up as we all cheered. She ducked down in the water to try to hide her tits. Now the chant went up to get her bottoms too and you could see the look of embarrassment and horror in her eyes. She knew what was about to happen and we all went for her together.

She struggled with us but now she was caught in a real dilema. If she didn't fight for her bottoms she could hide her big tits with her arms and hands but if she tried to keep her bottoms on her tits were immediately exposed. She made a big mistake. She tried to do both. With one hand she attempted to cover her tits and with the other hand she tried to hold on to her thong bottom. She lost out on both. Hands were all over her and she was strugging so hard she kept popping up out of the water. Even the host and his wife were joining in and it turned in to a real frenzy. Water was splashing, tits were showing and everybody was getting a real good feel of my wife. I didn't care and I could tell she was enjoying it too. She put up a good fight for her bottoms but eventually they gave way and someone just grabbed them and jerked them down to her ankles. As they did her pussy was being totally exposed at the surface and I watched as a few of the guys, some total strangers just hours ago, not only looked at her pussy, a few of them actually gave it a very good feel.

She squirmed both in embarrassement and excitment! She told me later that a few had actually even stuck a finger or 2 up her ****. She couldn't believe what had happened to her and neither could I but it did and it was terribly exciting. Finally someone just jerked her bottoms totally off and one guy grabbed them and them them into the dark beyond the hottub so she had no chance to get them back on. Then we flipped her over and everyone got to get a good look at her beautiful butt and of course there were hands all over it. She tried several times to get out of the hottub but each time we'd pull her back in and she was really getting felt up the entire time. Hands were all over tits and they were being grabbed, squeezed and her nipples were being felt and pinched, her ass was being fondled and of course her pussy was being totally exposed.

Her legs were spread and she was dragged around so that everyone could see it and grab it and play with it. Even my friend's wife got a good feel of it and that had to be a real eye opener for my wife. She was just totally embarrassed and every inch of her body was up for show. We were all laughing and cheering as she scrammbled out of the pool and we all got one last shot of her pussy as she bent over to get a towel next to the hottub. That sent up another cheer as she ran inside. It took her a long while before she'd come back out but when she did we all gave her another big cheer which was proabaly more embarrassing for her than showing it. She kept apologizing but everybody went home happy from that party and our sex life would NEVER be the same. Before they left every guy there told me again what a hot wife I had. What could I say..they were right and I knew that all of them had seen her completely nude, and most if not all had given my wife a good hard feel. They had felt her tits, her ass and had fondled her pussy. A couple of them would get ALOT more in the not too distant future!


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