Mooning Dare

Mooning Dare

Hi Dare Webmaster,

After seeing your site my husband has been trying endlessly for me to do some kind of dare. I am a shy person but do have my wild side 'at times' but not as much as before when I was in school. Well, I broke down during a moment of weakness and agreed to do just one. He told me he also wanted to take a picture of it and post it on your site which limited the dares I would do since I am not yet comfortale having my identity known while I do something of this nature. So we came up with the idea that I would moon him in a parking lot in the daytime, on the weekend when there would be plenty of people shopping. I was nervous but the closer we got to doing it the more excited I became. I guess my wild side was making a small come-back! So we got out and I found a spot that was not too close and told him to shoot fast and let's get this over with. I looked around and saw that there weren't many people passing by so I said ok go! I then pulled my pants down and bent over and waited ... and waited ... and then heard a 'click' as the camera went off. I put my pants back on lightning-fast and was about to kill him for taking so long (purposely I found out later) when I saw some people at the store entrance poitning our way. My husband then told me I turned beet red and I hurried him into the car and we drove off with my heart racing. When I calmed down I realized I was wet and found the dare to be really exciting. I liked having my butt out there, feeling the breeze on it while it was bare while people probably saw.

I don't know if I'll do any more. My husband loved it and is already asking for an encore. It did give our sex-life a boost so ... who knows?

I hope all your readers will enjoy my dare even though it's not as risky as some of them I've read about.




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