Naked in the Park

Naked in the Park

My husband and I had been out to dinner at a good restaurant. He ordered some nice wine with the meal. I was so impressed with the quality of the wine he ordered a second bottle which we managed to finish. I realized later that I drank most of the second bottle. I was getting quite aroused by my husband's attention and the effects of the wine. On the way home we passed by the park near our house and my husband dared me to take off my bra and panties and open the dress while he took pictures in the park.

I was reluctant at first but he played with my pussy in the car long enough to raise my courage. The problem was there were some young men hanging out at the park I tried to be discrete but but after a while they came close rand watched. I tried to stop the whole thiing buut my husband insisted that I had accepted the dare and needed to continue. Whether it was the challenge of the dare, the effects of the wine or being kind of turned on by the whole notion I continued. The guys kept getting closer and even offered suggestions for poses.

You can see that I'm responding to them. They wanted to see my pussy but I only gave them a quick glance. Perhaps on another day. They promised to not say a word to anyone about what they had seen. I have a very responsible position in the community so I have asked that my eyes be blurred. I will always remember that day as the day I answered the challenge. - Anne

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Debbie's Dare

Debbie's Dare

Debbie's Dare

Debbie's Dare

Debbie's Dare


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