Sunbathing Naked

Sunbathing Naked

The ex was outside sunbathing in her bikini, listening to the radio and reading a magazine. I joined her outback and was admiring her body and I began to try to talk her into taking her bikini off and sunbathing in the nude. She was very shy about her body even though she had a great figure and a very sexy smile. At first she thought I was kidding and she just laughed it off but I kept after her and after awhile she could see that I was serious. It was early afternoon and though you really couldn't see the neighbors, through the wooden fences, you could hear them out and about in their own yards.

Each time I brought up the subject of her taking off her bikini she made a comment about what would happen if one of the neighbors "accidentally" saw her and adding that she just couldn't do it because if she was seen by someone, she would be extremely embarassed. I kept after her and after a long time she finally agreed to take it off. As soon as she had slipped her bikini off I made an excuse to go inside to get us something to drink and while I was inside I grabbed the camera. I brought her a cool drink and sat down behind her so that she couldn't see me or the camera and as she laid out back nude I took this pic of her. She had no idea that I took it. I couldn't get her to turn over because she was just so worried that someone would see her. After a bit she pulled a towel around herself and came in and I have no idea if anybody had seen her but here's the picture for all to enjoy. She'd be very embarassed to know that her beautiful butt was being seen like this but I thought many would enjoy seeing her nice round butt so her it is! - Jim




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