I'd like to submit a fantasy of mine that actually came true.

For years I've fantasized that I was in a room full of naked young men who were embarrassed to be found in this condition. In my dream, they were frantically covering themselves with their hands and crouching down to avoid showing their protruding equipment. This dream has given me some of my most enjoyable moments. Recently it happened in real life.

My niece's college has an annual mother-daughter gathering each fall. Since her mother is deceased, my niece invited me to join her for the day.

As my niece later told me, it's traditional for the men on campus to somehow disrupt this get-together. In the past, balloons full of water were thrown through the windows and other fraternity-type pranks were pulled. This year was different.

As the crowd of women assembled in the student lounge, four naked young men wearing ski masks came streaking through the room, and then headed for an exit on the opposite side. Unfortunately for them, that door was locked. And, a quick thinking coed slammed and locked the other two doors.

It soon dawned on these unfortunate fellows that they were completely nude in a room full of about 60 women. Then, just as in my dream, they began to cover themselves with their hands, crouching and frantically trying to hide. One of the mothers started to scream that we should call the campus police and thave these guys arrested, but most of the women present said, "No, let them stay." And stay they did.

The chairwoman of the day invited them to come to the front of the room, remove their masks and say "hello". The guys started protesting, but when reminded that we could call the police, they decided to do as asked.

It was the most arousing thing I have ever seen: Four naked young men (all four juicily erect) surrounded by 60 women, moving to the front of the room and turning to face us. When their ski masks were removed, some of the women recognized them and began to laugh, whistle and applaud. I had never before seen men blush crimson. They had to stand with their hands at their sides and appologize for their behavior individually. Then we moved closer to them and some of the women brushed against their cocks, and believe me that was the last straw! One of the guys grasped his cock and pleaded to be let out. I guess we all took pity on them (besides it looked like there would be at least one accident any second) so the doors were unlocked and they were released. They wasted no time darting through the crowd toward freedom, their cocks pointing the way and bouncing as they ran.

After they left, I had to sit down, my legs were trembling and my underwear was soaked through. I will always remember this fantasy come true.

Enjoy the pic as lots were taken that day.




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