... Well, this past Saturday evening was the CFNM party that I attended as a special guest. It pretty much happened as I was told and had been described earlier last week. This was an Xmas party for a local cycling club. The women of the club do this at a members house while the men go bar hopping on bikes. I was the lone server out of about 20 women, some single and some "attached".

Guests started showing up around 7pm and ended up leaving around 1:30 in the morning. I was over at the house about 6:00 to help set up, figure out my duties and be ready for the early arrivals as I had to answer the door too. The first couple of guests were fairly surprised to see me greating them in the nude, and several knew exactly what to do as they walked in the door by giving me a quick feel and a pull. Eventually all of the guests arrived and my main duties focused on serving drinks, food, and some conversation as I knew two of the women there. Some of the women were fairly shy and enjoyed the view from a distance, but several got into the act and even had a game going. The game was to see if they could keep me hard the entire time. Anytime someone saw me starting to go limp, one would come over and bring it back to attention. I think I kept some sort of hard on for a couple of hours! As the evening wore on, I ended up joining the party as everyone was full, and getting hammered from all of the drinks and really didn't need my services as a waiter. I ended up hanging out with a couple of women, one that I knew prior to, for a couple of hours towards the end.

To make a long story short... after the party had officially ended, the hostess (my friend) offered me the use of one of her beds since it was late and I was feeling pretty good from the alcohol. I accepted, and one of the women I had been talking with for awhile now invited herself into the same room I would be using with the old "too drunk to drive home" excuse. Who was I to say no! You can pretty much figure out what happened after that! We ended up going into the bed around 2:30 that night, and didn't actually fall asleep until close to 5 as we were worn out from the long night and sex after we went into the room. We both slept for awhile getting up around 11 that morning. (see attathced pic. It's from the party but not of me).

Obviously this is an abrieviated version of what happened. The party was great, and I'd definetly do it agian! I'd even do it for hire if you're throwing a party in AZ. For this party, I ended up staying nude for about 18 hours! I stayed hard for a few hours during the party (and after of course!), and was felt by about 3/4's of the women at the party. They all stared, but probably 5 or 6 of the women really made it fun for both of us!

Anyone need a nude male for their party?




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