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We had a remarkable experience the other day. Our first time doing anything sexually with anyone else. It was a threesome with a close male friend of ours. We'd been out for a few drinks and came back to our home to sit in front of the fireplace and chat. One thing led to the other and soon I was kissing another man right in front of my husband! Even more exciting, my husband was simultaneously undressing me! WOW! Our friend was going thru a painful break-up and one initially might think this might have been a "mercy" fuck, but when I wrapped my fingers around this new erection, I'll honestly tell you there was no "mercy" involved (smiles) He was nice and a great lover, and all this time we had known him, we had never known......just fantastic! He remains a close friend and something we may or may not do again but it was fun none-the-less. Here is a picture of my husband and I playing around with our camera and having some fun. I hope you liked our story.

Sandra & Seb


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