Naked Christmas

naked christmas

Okay here is the dare story! On Christmas night this past year, my girlfriend and I drove to my parent's house which is up for sale and they don't live in anymore. We had been flirting and teasing each other the whole trip, so when we pulled into the garage, I started taking my clothes off. She asked what I was doing (as if she didn't know) and after I finished getting naked I started taking all her clothes off. I then dove on top of her and we began to make love in the passenger seat. Well, after we were finished she moved over to the driver seat and we just sat for a few seconds before I said, "I bet you won't go for a drive without your clothes." I tease and joke with her all the time about taking dares like this, but this time she really surprised me when she just stared me dead in the eye and started the ignition. I was very excited and suddenly very aroused again even though we just had sex, so to make it more thrilling I took all of our clothes and shoes and threw them in the house. We had alot of fun driving around totally nude for a good hour or so. She knew though that she had to be very careful with her driving because if we got pulled over or in an accident, we were both totally naked with no covering.

During the ride when we pulled up to a traffic light next to some one, I waited until I saw one of the passengers look over in our direction and I switched the cab light on! Jessica screamed and got away as quickly as possible, but you should have seen the shock on that guy's face! That's the only time somone besides me has ever seen my girlfriend's boobs in person.

Well we ended the right with a stop at a local park that was empty that night. We walked around a little bit and took a few pictures. You'll have to excuse my appearance because like I said, it was Christmas. And very cold.

Charlie and Jess -

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