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Last weekend, after I had consumed half a bottle of Dewar's White Label along with a little "prescription fun" I let my wife tie me to a lrge chair. Tied my hands behind my cack, and my legs at the thigh to the armrests. I was going nowhere! She gave me a pillow and and blindfolded me. I rememeber her using my leather belt to whip my naked ass,as it was sticking up, with 20 lashes 'til the welts were red and deep, (I love a little pain with my pleasure.. also love being bitten and having my nipples tortured)and my cock was hard and tight. She reached around me and applied a cock ring then pored lube all over my ass. Then I heard nothing but silence for about 20 minutes and started to get bored....until I heard faint whimpers ... then moans...then screams coming from the other room. My wife was fucking someone else while I listened!!! I came right there! We since have done this 3 times and I love her for it.




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