Cuckold Story And Picture


My husband lives on this site. I sometimes get jealous because he spends time here instead of talking or giving me attention. I would guess you might say I'm a very jealous wife and that is what brings me to my story.

My husband went to a bachelor party with a couple of male friends in honor of his best friend. Afterwards they hired a limo to take them to a strip bar. This pissed me off (OK, made me so jealous that I packed a bag and headed to the beach). Not really intending to do anything, just get away from him for a while.

I laid in the sun all day, taking a break every now and then at the local bar/sandwich shop. I met a guy named Sam who was down for a fishing trip. He had gotten drunk the night before and fallen down and scraped his knee and leg. His friends had gone fishing with out him because of his condition.

As I headed back to the room I stopped for another beer and Sam was still in the bar. I looked at his leg and it appeared to be getting very infected. I asked him to return with me to my room and I would clean and dress it.

He was high and I felt good from the sun and beer. We were enjoying each others company. I told to him get in the shower and clean up as I prepared a place on the bed and got the first aid kit out of the car.

He came out of the shower wrapped only in a towel and laid on the bed. I put antibiotic on his wound and noticed a big bulge in the towel. I nursed his leg some more and made the comment, "Looks like you have another leg that needs attention". He nodded yes as I raised the towel, kissing his dick and balls and gave him a bj while he played with my tits. There is something about giving head that makes me really horny. Anyway I stopped there so as not to 'cheat' on my husband (in my own way) and he still doesn't know he has been 'paid back' .





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