Forced Cuckold


Our first forced situation, was a total bust! Not even worth repeating, other than to say that the other guy might have been a bad lay but at least he came in a matter of seconds. I was tied up while forced to watch him fuck my wife.

However, not being ones to give up so easily, the next MMF we had (after 3-4 foursomes with me watching) was absolutely great. This was when I learned that I just love to watch my wife with another guy but only when she's getting really well fucked.

And joining in is a blast, too, my favorite being her on her hands and knees with me fucking her from behind while she takes the other guy in her mouth . . . what a turn-on to watch her sucking another guy's cock, stroking his shaft with one hand and milking his balls with the other, while I fuck her from behind!!

I don't suppose our New Year's Eve "event" really counts as a MMF, as all we did was have our driver watch and take pics as we fucked each other silly, followed by my wife giving him a blow job as a "watcher's reward" until she pulled his cock out of her mouth and stroked it fast as he came all over her breasts and belly. As my wife said later, "Well, technically, I didn't fuck him!"




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