Interracial Cuckold

Interracial Cuckold

This Interracial Cuckold story is called:

The Gang Bang

by Keith & Hilda

As I briefly explained in the first letter, Hilda's stint at Fantasia opened up other exciting avenues for us. Over the course of time an African American man began coming to Fantasia. Hilda had never slept with a black guy before, and one of the girls there, Courtney, told her of the rumor that black men were exceptionally well hung, and were animals in bed. This particular gentleman was approx. 52-53 years old, very clean cut, and always well dressed. Some of the customers didn't like Hilda sitting with him, but due to his job he traveled a lot to Israel. He often brought her gifts of perfume, and on this particular occasion, lingerie. She went to the dressing room to try it on. When she came out, the guy playing pool walked over to her and slid his arm around her and pulled her into the couch dance room. The outfit was blue, a dark blue, with a blue-tinted nylon mesh across her cleavage, and nylon sleeves. The bodice was lace and nylon mesh so you could see through it easily, and the blue stockings added the full effect. After the couch dance was over she walked to the stage and began her set, the spotlight making the outfit appear translucent.... Even with out pulling her top down, you could see her tits perfectly. The three or four others began to hoot and holler loudly as she danced closer to them, their hands roaming her legs as she accepted their tips. She smiled at the two pairs of hands roaming all over her, and when her set was almost done, Walter, the black guy, came up and offered her a $50.00 tip! She was shocked when she sat down and saw it was a 50-dollar bill, but he just smiled at her and told her she deserved it. She whispered to him, and they headed to the couch dance room. He was a little nervous, but his hand groped her ass as they went in and she shut the door. She pushed the door extra hard to make it very hard to open from the outside. The music started and Wayne and I grinned at each other as we heard them bumping around a little, getting ready for the couch dance. Melba, the manager brought Wayne a beer and told me Hilda was getting very fascinated by the guy in there with her. "That's the biggest reason our day business has picked up," she said, "she's real popular with the guys here and a couple of the women too!" and laughed. I knew Justice would almost give her left tit to get Hilda alone, but that was another story.

Anyway,, she was straddling his lap, and when I peeked in, she was kissing him full on the mouth as she unbuckled his pants. When she reached in and pulled his cock out, he gasped as she stared at the size of his pole.... It was indeed VERY huge. She caressed it with her hand, and kissed it tenderly with her mouth. His balls seemed to be the size of baseballs compared to my tiny wife. She licked them gently, and he pulled her to him and hugged her, grinding his cock against her snatch. She was trapped in a very tight embrace, and she struggled for a minute but couldn't break free. His enormous cock head stuck out between her ass cheeks, probing her thighs as she began to relax and enjoy him again. Then the music stopped and they prepared to leave. I couldn't hear what was said, but he smiled at her knowingly when he left a moment later. She came to the bar and told Melba she wanted to leave a little early, and winked at Melba then turned to me. "Honey, I'm going out with Walter tonight. He's bought me a dress to wear, and says he has something special planned!" She was getting a little excited thinking about it. "I'm going' home early to shower and change, so I'll be ready when comes by to pick me up." I was stunned at first. But I agreed with her and I left and went home to get ready myself. I had about three hours so I went and bought a new videocassette for the camcorder, and was damn sure I had enough batteries. I got hard as a rock as I thought about Hilda with Walter. When she came home, she had an hour and a half, so she showered quickly and went into the bedroom to change. The black mini-dress was a stunning sight on Hilda. The skirt hugged her thighs snugly. The dress appeared to form to her every movement. She was putting on a special shade of lipstick, a red color that accentuated her lips to the max. The mini-dress was topless, meaning it was formed, or cut fit her cleavage, and cut low in the back. Her tits showed enough to leave something to the imagination, but showed enough to cause any red-blooded man to "stand-up" and take notice. The top of the dress was strapless, instead it was a black nylon mesh, with long sleeves. She turned around and asked me how it looked. I couldn't take my eyes off her. I heard a car outside and I hid in the living room closet, as she let Walter in. He smiled broadly as he embraced her, giving her ass a squeeze. He sat on the couch as she returned with her purse and at down with him, sitting at an angle to Walter. He placed his hand on her knee and moved it in circles, Hilda smiling at him as he pecked her on the cheek. She was nervous. Very nervous. He stood up and took her hand and led her to the door. Then he pulled her to him and forced his tongue into her mouth, causing Hilda to melt. She whimpered she was getting wet, and he jerked her up into his arms and carried her to the bedroom. In a moment I heard her scream, "Oh shit! Walter, you're killing me! Please give it to me! Oh My God baby! Fill me up!" He laughed as he stroked his monster in her pussy. I peeked around the corner, the sight of her splayed legs and contrast of the black cock against her white skin gave me a helluva rush. He slowed as I sneaked outside the back door and ran to my car, which was down the alleyway to avoid suspicion. Soon they came out together, her head leaning on his shoulder as they walked his arm around her waist. He laughed loudly as they got into the car, and she was really enjoying herself now. I followed them to the restaurant, the Fogcutter, and I went to the entrance ahead of them. They came in and waited for a table, so I was able to spy on them easily. They sat in a booth in the bar, and he slid next to her, his hand finding her thigh. In a couple of moments of heavy snatch groping, he was pulling her panties off under the table! He pocketed them slyly as she smiled at him, her hand fondling his cock. Two men stared at them rudely, frowns on their faces, but Hilda simply leaned over and kissed Walter so sensuously he almost came! I ordered a club sandwich so I could eat fast and wait for them to leave. They ate peacefully and I noticed Hilda's foot feeling up his thigh, his hand caressing her toes under the table.

As they left about an hour later, I followed them for awhile as they drove around Huntsville, seemingly aimlessly. However, every so often he would pull over and she would get out, walking seductively up the sidewalk, drawing stares. I smiled as I enjoyed how he was showing her off. Then they went to a Used Car lot, and Hilda walked around the lot, "looking at cars, as the salesman ogled her sexy body, often getting a flash of her pussy. When she exited the last car, she actually leaned over and nibbled on his crotch! He almost died as she drove away with Walter. I just shook my head and wondered what was ahead, then I suddenly realized I had lost them! Damn! I drove around the block a couple of times and then I saw Walter's car up ahead a ways, near the parkway overpass. They turned into the little plaza there next an insurance office, and he walked towards a small C-Store, or package store. About 10-12 guys were hanging around outside, all back, some drinking from paper bags. All looked to be fairly clean, and then I saw Walter walk to the pay phone and speak to one of them. They shook hands and laughed, but I couldn't hear what was said.... I didn't need to. He motioned for Hilda, and she got out of the car, walking over very sexy like towards the group. All eyes undressed as she walked to Walter and embraced him. The "leader" shook her hand and she smiled and snuggled up to him instead. He slid his arm around her waist, pulling her closer. Then he pushed her away a little, turning her around, checking her out completely. He smiled at three of them who were sitting down, and pointed to her legs. Then he pushed her towards the three guys, their hands catching her, immediately feeling up her thighs and ass. Walter leaned against a post as they continued feeling her up, but good. He nodded his head to the side of the building and Hilda headed in that direction, me catching it all on film. God I was hard! My dick ached! Then I got nervous as the gang walked en masse to where she waited. Beside the store was a small alcove or open space big enough for four cars to park. This led to a pathway behind the insurance office, which was secluded enough for some sexual activity. As Hilda waited there, the gang approached her, encircling her, sharks moving in for the kill.

Then so suddenly I gasped out loud, they lifted her up into the air, stretching her out on her side, she was almost lying down in their arms as they carried her to the back area. From where I parked, I could film it all. The low-light lens my friend Steve gave me a perfect accessory. When I zoomed in closer, I saw her dress hiked up over her head and the guys were wasting no time getting it off. She stood there as they took turns kissing her tits, mashing them almost cruelly, grabbing her pussy, one in particular inserting at least three fingers, almost lifting her off the ground. She was on tiptoes, one of the guys slobbering all over her feet and lower legs.. Biting her calves, as she was now naked except for hells and stockings. The leader laid down on some cardboard and pulled her on top of him, guiding his massive cock into her love hole. I saw her mouth open in a scream, but a black cock stifled it quickly. Then the third, the man sitting down by the phone came up behind her and took her cunt juice to lubricate her ass. She tried to protest, but three guys held her still as the one in her mouth began fucking her mouth. Then the back-door one slid his rod into her ass... She began to buck, but the one guy grabbed her hair, holding his cock in her mouth.. He began to cum quickly, and to her credit, she swallowed it all...she greedily cleaned his cock and then another took his place...When the leader had finished, another slid into place. The one fucking her ass began to pound her roughly...her ass cheeks bouncing as she started to meet his thrusts. When he came, I caught it on video... His cum exploding out of her ass, dripping down her ass to the ground. Then once again, another stepped in. As I continued filming my heart began hammering in my chest.. I came so violently I couldn't film anymore. Luckily I had my cock out, and a quick wipe up took care of it. The battery needed changing again, so I quickly inserted another and went on filming, as she fucked 12 men for over 2 hours. She swallowed cum from six of them and then began to reciprocate fucking them back as well. They al laughed and high fived one another as my precious wife got all the black dick she could stand. Then Walter got behind her. His cock was the largest of all...Thanks to his condom, he went in very easily, her eyes almost popping out of her head. She began to grind her teeth as he leaned forward and kissed her on the mouth. She returned the kiss lustily as he ravaged her, another ready for some more head. She eagerly complied as she once again sucked him until he spent his load in her mouth.

After awhile, she was spent and collapsed to the ground, actually unconscious. She had fucked her brains out. Then I noticed Walter pay the men!!! This was a set-up!!!! She lay there as the store owner came out, staring at Hilda's prostrate form. Walter patted him on the back as he pointed to Hilda, and the storeowner's pants were down quick as a flash, with him practically diving between her splayed legs. Her eyes opened to a stranger fucking her, and she merely wrapped her legs around him and fucked him back. When he had cum on her face, Walter helped carry her to the car, and after a few moments they left. I was in shock then, and even now I get hard thinking about it. Her attitude about blacks had changed somewhat, and she still remembers Walter fondly. That night I realized an animal passion I never knew before, and ever since, we love to have her forced into wild situations. She is STILL ready for a gang of cocks, one day I hope she'll take on the local biker club. THAT would be a gang-bang to remember!

Keith & Hilda
Huntsville, Alabama




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