Likes Being Watched


Likes Being Watched



My wife Abby loves to sunbathe topless on regular public beaches, and I love it when she does so. On a nice hot day in September, when the beaches were officially closed, we decided to sunbathe at our favorite beach. As usual, she went topless.

Anyway, on this day, the beach was virtually empty, but there was a single guy sunbathing about 30 yards behind us. The hot sun and my gentle massage got my wife hot and she wanted me to finger her. Although we were clearly visible to the single guy, I was not going to pass this chance up, so I proceeded to slide her bottoms to the side, leaving her only with her sunhat on and her bottoms. We were facing the water, she was lying on her side, he was directly behind us, but she spread her legs for me to touch her.

He couldn't see anything since we were discreet. Needless to say, I eagerly explored her lips and we did that for a good 20 minutes - not sure if he knew as he did look our way a bit more often.

When we finished, he went for a jog, passing by us twice. By this time, my wife had taken her see-thru beach coverup, bunched it up, and laid it across her stomach. Of couurse her tits were exposed as he jogged by, but she just laid there on her back enjoying the sun. What a turn on!

We returned the next week, and sure enough, the same guy was there. We repeated the show, he repeated his jog, and this time I wanted to invite him to join us to watch closer, but my wife got cold feet.

She did, however, compromise and let me post her pictures here on todp, something she has been shy to do in the past. Now a whole lot MORE people are going to see her and that's something I can't pass up either. She is excited about this too and is amnost giddy. She said that next year we can invite the guy to come and watch (if he's still there) or maybe find someone to watch us do more?

Can't wait till next year!

Abby - EMAIL ME!!



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