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Parking Garage Fun

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This is my first post to this site. My boyfriend introduced me to the show and we always talked about posting pics and sharing our first time together, so here it goes.

We met haphazardly and fell in love. We lived on opposite sides of the country. Him on the east coast, me on the west, so the relationship was tough from the start. The first time we had sex it was a magical stolen moment. He was on vacation with his family on the west coast, we met outside of his hotel.

We parked in the parking garage. And the next thing I know he's kissing me passionately. I was instantly wet. He reached for my breast kissing down my neck, on my chest, reaching my breasts. I pulled my tank top and strapless black bra down so he could gaze on my naked breasts. He looked at me and simply said, "beautiful."

He took my breast into his mouth and sucked on my nipple hard and sensually. He reached up my skirt and discovered I wasn't wearing any panties. He groaned and told me to show him the pussy that belonged to him. I obediantly lifted my skirt and showed him how wet he was making me. He then instructed me to put his cock in my mouth. I put my mouth around his hard uncut cock. I sucked on him while he stroked my hair and pumped his cock in my mouth. He pulled me up to face and kissed me deeply and asked me to sit on his dick.

I climbed over on top of him slowly slid my tight soaking wet pussy over his hard dick. I felt him impatiently thrust up as he held my hips and pulled me down firmly. I looked around realizing we are in my car, in a parking garage, I was so turned on. We fucked passionately he kissed my neck and breasts and told me he was about to cum. I jumped off and sucked his cock until he filled my mouth with his delicious seed.

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