GF Messing Around


GF Messing Around



I consider myself a rather good looking 24 y/o female with some appealing physical attributes. I have gorgeously long sandy blonde hair, a nice athletic figure, a decent tan except, I'm fairly light complected in the bikini wearing regions, and a naturally firm pair of 36DDD boobs that do get me plenty of attention from passersby anywhere I seem to go.

Anyway, the short version of the beginning is that my bf happened to be working overnight 12-hour shifts at his job. I happened to meet this older handsome black guy asking for some gas money outside in a parking lot on my way back to the car. He was tall, sincere, and polite. Now, aside from apologizing for only having my checkbook at the time, I really had no interest in the guy, but for some repressed reason, I cast myself to assisting him. We would go to my place, pick up some cash, and I would get him back to a nearby station. At least that was the plan that ran through my head. We got to my place, and as to not be rude, I invited him in for a quick drink. I didn't know this man, but he didn't strike me as anyone I should be threatened over.

We talked a few minutes, drinking some iced tea, and I found out he was 14 years older than myself and quite the smooth-talker sort. He commented on what he referred to as my rare beauty and fine assets and how he could not believe how my bf could stand to be away from me as much as he was. He noticed how I was blushing and could also tell that he was very much turning me on at the same time. My face was literally beet red, and I could not help but to hang onto every word he was saying to me. I was aroused, I felt beautiful, and I was feeling promiscuous all at the same time. I could definitely tell that he was getting aroused by seeing me get so turned on as I noticed him bulging at the front of his pants. The promiscuity apparently had the better of me as I scooted closer on the sofa and watched in disbelief as I placed my hand on the upper region of his inner thigh and asked him if he wanted any more to drink. I went to fill the glasses, and when I came back, I immediately noticed that he had unbuttoned his pants.

I knew I was turned on and he knew it, too. He commented again on how beautiful I was. He asked me if I had ever been with a black man and if I would even consider being with one. I placed my hand on his crotch and told him that it was a possibility. I leaned over as we gently kissed, and I reached in to his pants. This guy was huge. At least 10 inches and started swelling even more in my hand. I started to stroke him as his hands traveled up my blouse to fondle my tits. We continued kissing as he squeezed my breasts and rubbed over the nipples. I took off the blouse. He kissed down my neck and down over my breasts taking each nipple into his mouth and sucking them until they were erect.

It felt so damn bad but so damn good. He stood up, and I immediately took him into my mouth. I sucked him for some time tasting the small droplets that formed at his tip. I rubbed the head over both my nipples and sucked some more as he guided himself up and down between my tits. He knelt down in front of me, removed my shorts, leaving my thong in place, and placed his fingers along the front strap. He pulled it aside and started licking up and down along my slit and ass. I was totally wet and panting like a bitch in heat. I pulled my lips apart as he flicked his tongue over and over onto my clit.

I knew it was wrong and nasty, but I apparently wanted to do something dirty and immoral. I reached down underneath and continued stroking him as well as I could from that position. I placed his cock between my legs. I just didn't seem to care that there was no protection. I rubbed the head of his cock along my slit a few times as he leaned into me and entered inside with just the tip. I acknowledged that it was ok to proceed when I told him to fuck me! He slid his length deeper inside me as I yelled and moaned from sheer pleasure I had never felt as he pushed against my inner walls. He pumped in and out of me for awhile before he picked me up and guided me up and down on him in a stand and carry position.

He watched my tits bounce all around as I wrapped my legs firmly around his waist and rode him hard. He carried me to the bedroom where he leaned forward and rested my back on the floor and continued drilling directly down into me. I was so wet; I don't know how many times I came. He pulled me up and placed me onto the bed. I gobbled down his dick sucking the juices from it before getting to my knees. He rubbed the tip of his cock along the hole of my anus as I clenched. Then, he entered my pussy from behind. He towered over me and grabbed hold of my tits, thrusting deep into me. I could feel him swelling against the sides of my walls. I knew he was getting close, but it didn't seem to matter. I rolled over onto my back. He pushed my legs all the way back to my head and thrust down into me as he squeezed and sucked ferociously at my tits all again.

Again, I felt him push deep down into me, and becoming more rigid. I begged him yes and to keep fucking me. He seemed to be resisting the urge to cum, to want to keep going, moaning and grunting. I opened my legs up into the air as he thrust, wrapped them around him as tight as I could. He told me he was about to cum. I told him to cum. He pulled out and shot a huge, thick load from where he was all the way up onto my tits, face and stomach. He slid his cock back into me and kept thrusting into me more and more. A few moments later, I could feel him swelling again as he continued moaning and thrusting passionately. He pushed deep as I gasped, then, all at once I could feel several hot bursts of him as he pumped out another warm, creamy load deep into me and filling my hot little twat until it dripped down to my ass... and it's damn lucky for me, I'm unable to get pregnant.

Needles to say, the entire romp exhausted the hell out of both of us, and we got cleaned up before I took him back to get his gasoline where I gave him one long, hot combo titty fuck and blowjob right there in the backseat of the car until he shot his third messy load of the evening right onto my tits and down the back of my throat. We have never seen each other since that evening.

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