Exposing Her Boobs

Antsy Couple

Exposing Her Boobs



This is my husband's and mine first time posting and I must say it is about time. We have become antsy (hence our name) to do things and sexually, I usually take the lead.

I got the itch to show off when I took a half business half vacation at a major hotel in Maui a few years back. One afternoon I stepped out on my balcony and looking across to the other wing of the hotel, the hotel was horseshoe shaped looking toward the ocean, there was this couple obviously having sex on their balcony.

The walls of the balconies were solid wood, and were about upper waist high, so the girls breasts kind of hung over the rail, but her pevlic area was concealed from view. She was standing, obviously legs spread and butt pushed up in the air, looking over her shoulder at her husband, and you could tell by the bouncing of her breasts that he was driving hard into her from behind.

I was later to meet the couple on the beach and in talking with them learned that they were on their honeymoon. I would guess both were in their mid-20's. I saw them out on that balcony on two other occasions that week, ramming away with abandon and totally oblivious to the fact that anyone might be looking. Always late afternoon as the sun was setting. They seemed to favor that "from behind" position as that is the one they used each time.

As careless as they were about being seen, I half expect to see them posting here on todp sometime. They may not be exhibitionists, but they sure acted like they were that week. Great memory, though. I hope life is good for them.

So that made me want to do something similar but we are not there yet, not even close. This though in the car, and posting here, is a great start.

We welcome your barrage of emails.


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