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Loves Accidental Exposure



What a great site! My huuby and I went shopping and bought a porcelain figurine which the assistant wrapped in bright blue bubble wrap, by the time it was wrapped it looked like a giant blue egg.

Anyway I carried the egg through the city getting several people looking at me because the package looked very unusual. Hubby bless his sole carried the other bags.

We caught the train home and as usual there was no place to sit. Hubby put the bags on the floor and I put the egg on the floor. Hubby said he would go to the buffet car for a drink for us.

After he just left I picked my egg parcel off the floor in case it rolled away.

As earlier when I was cradling the egg lots of men and women were looking at me smiling, I smiled back.

After 10 minutes or so hubby returned and told me that when I had picked up my egg, I had also lifted up my skirt exposing my panties or as he said showing everything. I left the carriage to find another one.

Although it was a hot day this day I had put on panties because I was also going to buy shoes. I hoped they were nice ones and not old washed out ones.

When I got home I checked in the bathroom, I had my Calvin Kleins on, made out of nylon, same material as pantyhose,totally see thru. Hubby was right I was showing everything. I am always shaved so nothing was left to the imagination. Felt quite turned on when I got home, that was several years ago and since confessing to my hubby that I was quite turned on we have had several little exposing me accidently adventures. We had the itch to do something like it again when hubby suggested todp. I was nervous to even have my picture with the thong like in the firt picture, but when he asked me to remove it I needed some time. Finally after hubby showing me the site and me reading all the dares and seeing the wonderful couples made me feel more at ease, and was wett. I never thought an adult site could be this way. The vibe is different and safe/fun.

Enjoy, we did.

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