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I (B) have been begging my wife (A) for quite a while to open up sexually a little bit. I found this site 2+ years ago when looking for ideas on what to do to make her more comfortable with trying things. Well, this past weekend, I guess I bothered her enough and she finally agreed to it!

Friday we discussed going out on Saturday night and she would wear a short skirt, no panties, and some leggings. As this was our first foray into anything like this, I agreed. So, Saturday morning we went out and found her said short skirt. That night, she was starting to get ready and she didn't like the leggings with the skirt we picked out so she agreed to go with nothing underneath -- no panties or leggings!

Two of the attached pictures are from home. One of her getting ready and another of her on the stairs as we were on our way out the door.

We got to our destination (a local night club) and started dancing. It didn't take me too long before I could see her skirt riding up and could tell other people were looking at her. After a few drinks, I could tell she had loosened up a bit more so I reached around front and started rubbing her clit right there on the dance floor! Let's just say there was more than one person looking her way.

The 2nd picture is one I was able to convince her to take (quite easily) at the nightclub of her with her legs spread and giving everyone a GREAT view.

As we are new to this, please let us know how sexy you think she is. More encouragement is great! Also, please feel free to give us some dares.

Again, since we are new, we may not do them -- but then again, I didn't think she would do what happened this past weekend (And she REALLY enjoyed it!)

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