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We came across the site and B thought it would be sexy to post some pix of C and one of B. C also found it sexy to post something naughty for everyone to see. We thought telling of a past kinky experience we had would be fun to go with the pix. We also did the ďDare ChallengeĒ and included it.

So we were in a kinky mood and we decided that we wanted to do something different. So we knew of this swingers club in Midrand and thought it would be interesting to see what itís all about. Once we got there we walked around a little watching the goings on. We caught the end of a couple having sex and this whole experience was making us both very horny.

We decided to get a little adventures and take a dip in the pool (strictly no costumes of course). A few minutes after climbing in another couple came in. Being naked in front of another naked couple was super sexy. We soaked for a while enjoying the fact that we were naked just 3 m away from another couple. Then we decided to get out and get a drink.

After a drink or two we went to one of the public down stair areas. There was no one around so we snuck a quick pic (Itís the pic of C with the red bra). We then decide to have some fun, so C took off her pants (She was commando of course) and lay down. B then pulled out her breast and started sucking them while he rubbed your soaking wet pussy.

B moved down her body, till he was flicking his tongue over Cís clit. At that point someone walked into the room. He stopped and watched while B slid his fingers inside her, making her moan. Then another person walked in and started watching. That just made us hornier. While B was making C moan, a couple came in and sat down on the couch right beside C.

The woman spread her legs and he slide his hand up her leg and started pleasing her, all while B fingered Cís tight pussy. B could feel how much this was turning C on, by her cumming and squirting all over Bís face as he licked her. Clearly the other couple enjoyed it as she also started to cum. They then gave B look of thanks for the naught entertainment and left.

We then got up but were still so horny and the room was empty again. So B bent C over the couch and pounded her dripping pussy from behind. As she came again, B shot his load deep inside her, filling her up with his warm cum. That was one of the kinkiest night we have had and love knowing we were being watched and used for another couples visual aid, while they were pleasing each other.

As we couldnít take other pix in the club the other pics are from ad hock and regular fun at home.

We would love to hear your comments and any dares you have for us. Email us.

Many horny thoughts

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