Sex with the Husband


Sex with the Husband



Well everyone, itís been about a couple of months. I've never posted a dare but I have posted a story you can read here. Iím Chelsea, a 19 year old who has an ongoing sexual fling with a 37 year old hunk of a man who also happens to be married. Iíve had several email requests to give an update and explain where things currently stand. So to begin, yes, we continue to see one another once every one to two weeks. I still house-sit for them which is quite convenient considering our regular encounters. They continue to have their marriage and a regular sex life. I started using birth control after we had an unfortunate incident with a broken condom about a month ago, so occasionally, we just do without them now.

Our last encounter was a few days ago. He came by around the regular lunch time, and I was in the shower when he arrived. I heard the front door open then close followed by the bathroom door. He undressed then entered the shower with me. He put his arms around me and cupped his hands on the undersides of my breasts, pushing them upward and teasing the nipples. He kissed my neck and worked his way down to my back and even lower to my backside. I leaned forward moaning as he flicked his tongue over and over against my asshole. I spread my cheeks, leaning forward with my boobs pressed firmly against the shower wall as he probed his tongue in and out the opening. My breathing was quick. I was emitting overwhelming audible sighs of aching desire. He lapped at the shower water dripping between my thighs. He worked his tongue and teased it along the slit and opening my lips. He took the lip folds into his mouth and sucked at them until I couldnít take it anymore and came. I turned around and wrapped my hand around his cock, caressing its length. I knelt down and swallowed his swollen member. I could feel it pulsating in my mouth. I took him in and out as deep as I could for a while until I could taste the pre-cum beginning to form.

We moved from the shower and onto the living room couch after saturating his cock with my saliva. I lied flat on my stomach as he pressed up into me from behind. I spread my thighs, reached underneath me, and caressed his tool as he pressed firmly against my lips. He pushed into me and lifted my waist up until he was completely inside me. I ended up on all fours and then sitting up and riding him reverse cowgirl. He leaned back watching me work my pussy up and down his cock. I leaned back as he fondled my tits with his strong hands. Thereís nothing I like more about my tits than getting them massaged, groped, squeezed or sucked during sex. He was breathing pretty heavy, begging me to ride him, and I knew he was close to cumming until I slowed down. I stood up, turned around, and lowered myself down onto him. I leaned into him as he took turns with my boobs, taking them into his mouth and sucking at the erect nipples. I exerted a good amount of energy working my hips, thrusting up and down as he licked and sucked, both of us lustily moaning until I managed to bounce my entire body straight up and down on him. He enveloped my tits with his hands, squeezing them at the base and watching them rise and fall rhythmically in his hands as he thrust back up into me over and over again.

He positioned me onto my back. I opened my legs, and he turned me to the edge of the couch. He knelt at the edge and steadily penetrated all the way in and out. I watched as the head of his cock and then the shaft entered, spreading my lips apart and driving up into me. We were both making so much noise; I was surprised the neighbors couldnít hear. He licked his finger then slid it down into my ass. I could feel his finger probing in and out. I was on the verge of another orgasm. I begged him not to stop; I begged him to fuck and finger me. He plunged long and deep into me, eyeing my tits as they continued to rhythmically bounce and sway back and forth, enticing him. He grabbed at them both as I started to cum. The moment became intense. He quickened the pace frantically pumping into me while sucking at my breasts. He tensed up and burst aloud that he was going to fill my pussy. He yelled out, and I, too, about screamed as he continued to pound into my pussy hard. He started shooting his wad up into me, forcefully squeezing at my boobs. The first couple streams were so powerful, they took me by surprise as I felt his rigid member spastically swelling and contracting to pump out the load. I could feel blast after blast of warm semen shooting into me. He withdrew and expelled the remainder, holding the head of his cock directly against my asshole, barely pushing inside. I spontaneously took his cock into my mouth, bobbing my head passionately up and down covering it in saliva as before. He licked and fingered, teasing his cum from inside me until I came one last time before he had to clean up and leave.

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