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First Exhibitionist Experience



This site is perfect for us as we love dares and showing off. It was actually Mark, my boyfriend who first started me on the road to being an exhibitionist - he got a real kick out of getting me to flash in public. When we first began dating I was pretty reluctant to even make love with the lights on, but he was so persuasive that our sex life began to take on a more daring angle!

My first real exhibitionist experience came after I'd been seeing Mark for about 18 months. It was a Saturday morning, and we'd made an appointment for someone to come round to fix our washing machine which had stopped working a couple of days earlier. Mark had dared me to come down to the kitchen wearing just a towel while the guy was working; making it seem that I didn't realise he'd arrived.

About ten minutes after the guy had gone into the kitchen I plucked up the courage to go downstairs. I'd wrapped a medium-sized towel around myself, making sure that it was secured tightly. Even so, it was still pretty short and barely covered my bottom. I opened the kitchen door. Mark was standing with his back to me and the guy was kneeling down by the machine. They both looked over towards me. Nervously I said, 'I'm sorry - I didn't hear the door bell.

I'll just make a coffee and get out of your way. Does anyone else want one?' They both nodded their heads and I walked over towards the kettle which was on the worktop close to the washing machine. I turned around to look at Mark; he grinned at me and gave me the 'thumbs up'! As I leant against the worktop, the guy kept glancing over in my direction. I didn't want to make him self-conscious, so I just carried on talking with them. Eventually the kettle boiled and I poured the hot water over the coffee. As I bent down to get some milk out of the fridge I could feel the towel riding up at the back, exposing about two or three inches of my bottom. I made sure I didn't hurry. The guy was still kneeling down, so he was at the perfect height for a good look!

Turning to Mark, the guy asked, ‘Before we have the coffee, could you just help me pull out the washer? I need to check the motor at the back.’

They both began trying to pull the heavy machine out from underneath the worktop. It was squeezed tightly against the cupboards on either side and they were having difficulty getting enough leverage.

Mark suggested, ‘If I pull from the front, Kerry (me) can give us a hand by helping you ‘walk’ the machine out.’ I realised that Mark wanted me to take things a bit further so I took up a position on the opposite side from the repair guy. As Mark pulled we began to wriggle the machine from side-to-side. I could feel my towel loosening with the exertion. After we’d pulled the washer out a couple of feet, the knot at the front of my towel began to slip. Mark grunted, ‘Keep going we’re almost there!’ The knot finally gave way and the towel fell to expose just one nipple. The guy gawped at the sight of my boob.

I gasped, ‘Stop! My towel’s fallen off!’

They both stopped pulling, and I re-tied the towel. I re-tied it fairly slowly, making sure that the guy managed to get one last good look at my nipple. Red-faced, I mumbled an apology (god knows why!) and made a quick exit out from the kitchen. I could hear the two of them joking as I went upstairs. Although I was very embarrassed by the flash, I was also very horny. When the guy had finally gone about an hour later, Mark and I made very passionate love!

Like I said, this was my first real exhibitionist experience. Although it was a pretty tame situation, at the time it was a real buzz letting a stranger see me like that. Since then, I’ve had many more experiences - please send an email if you want to hear about them. Also, if you’ve got any similar stories of your own, I'd love to hear them. I get off on stuff like that.

After flashing to the guy, the next time I properly exhibited myself came a couple of weeks later. It was a lovely bright, clear day and Mark and I had the day to ourselves. We’d thought about going out shopping, but decided just to stay around the house, read the newspapers, catch up on some TV, etc.

After we’d had our lunch the sun had really come out and it was hot enough to do some sunbathing in the back garden. I put on a fairly skimpy black bikini and Mark put on some shorts. Our garden isn’t overlooked at all from directly behind, but our neighbours on either side can see into our garden from their upstairs windows. One of our neighbours was having the wood panels on their house re-painted and they had some scaffolding up at the back, in clear view of our patio. It was quiet when we went outside, and the two of us stretched out on the sun loungers. The sun’s rays were beating down and I could feel my skin tingling with the heat. After we’d been sunbathing for about half an hour I heard some voices coming from the scaffolding above us to the right. Even though it was a Saturday, it looked as if the painters were back to finish off their job.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see three workmen, stripped to the waist in just their shorts and boots. They glanced over in our direction, and they were obviously taken by my semi-nakedness, stretched out in just my bikini on the lounger. Grinning, Mark whispered to me, ‘Can you see you’ve got a fan club? Why don’t you give them a show?’ I was about to object, but my memories of my last flash made me a little more willing.

I turned over onto my front and untied my bikini top at the back. Mark volunteered to rub some sun lotion into my shoulders and back. Trying not to make it seem as if we knew the workmen were there, I glanced in their direction. One of them was pointing over at us, so I knew we had their attention. After about 5 minutes on my front I pushed myself up and sat with my naked back towards the spectators. I’d begun to feel a bit bolder, so I stood up and started to aimlessly wander around the patio, pretending to look at the flowers. The workmen would have been able to clearly see my breasts, swinging from side to side. Standing facing in their direction I stretched upwards with my hands clasped above my head. Mark had positioned himself behind me and reached round to gently massage my naked breasts. I pretended to protest and he grabbed the waistband of my bikini bottoms, pulling them down in one quick jerk. Laughing, I chased after him down the garden as he waved them above his head in mock triumph. I was now completely naked and the workmen would have been able to see me frolic in the garden, running after Mark as he teased me. After a couple of minutes of this horseplay we’d had enough and walked back to the patio and into the kitchen. Just as I went through the door I looked over at the workmen – their expressions were worth framing!

Hope this story’s OK – I know it’s still a bit tame compared to what we've seen on here. Let me know if you want to hear more.

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