Hiking, Beach and Pond Pics

Elephant Dreams - 1

Hiking, Beach and Pond Nude Pics



Thank you for posting our first dare... We received many positive responses and decided that we wanted to share another dare.

This past weekend, my guy and I headed to Vermont for a final mini vacation. We promised each other that we would try to take some daring photos... Especially ones in public. We really love reading the stories that you all post on TODP and want to be able to contribute our own pictures on a regular basis.

On Saturday, we went for a hike on a fairly busy trail. We didn't realize that it would be very busy on the trail (gotta love Labor day weekend) but we decided to keep with our promise and get risky anyways. It didn't take long for me to get too antsy... So we ducked down off of the trail and found a nice spot to get naked. The spot that we found was not visible from the trail if you were lying down... We could easily see and hear people hiking on the trail and this just added to the excitement.. We ended up getting down and dirty right there... I absolutely loved that we were so close to the trail. I get really turned on at the idea of someone catching my guy getting me off.

The next day, we headed over to a nude beach to enjoy some skinny dipping and sun. My guy and I have been to this beach before but this time, I couldn't help but be incredibly horny the entire time. My guy has an amazing body and an equally amazing dick... Being able to blatantly stare at him butt naked for hours on end kept me very wet for the entire afternoon. I especially loved the fact that there were two younger girls who were also at the nude beach... Both were very pretty and were in sight the entire time we were at the beach. I get off at the idea of other attractive girls looking at my guy. I want them to be jealous because my man is an absolute catch. We ended up getting a few pictures of me completely naked on the beach as well as on our walk back to the car. We were right in view of the road the entire time... Even when my guy slid his fingers into my wet pussy.

We finished off our weekend by going on another naked hike to a pond... Where we took some more pictures. Having my man take pictures of me while I'm completely nude is absolutely exhilarating... As soon we finished taking our last batch of pictures, we couldn't take it any longer. We had the kinkiest sex of the entire weekend and the most amazing part was that we could be as loud and wild as we wanted to be.

We hope that you enjoy the many pics that we were able to take. We would love to hear your comments and any feedback that you might have.


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