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Couple Hotel Sex



We're a FWB couple that doesn't live in the same town so we have to find ways to have fun and tease each other! I've been a fan of this site for years and dared her to let me post some pics and a story! She was hesitant but finally agreed, hopefully everyone will let her know just how hot she is and how lucky I am!! Btw she's also bi and would love to hear from the ladies also.

The pics are not from this night, just a few hot ones she dared share with everyone.

The last time I went to see her we decided there was a few things we wanted to try that neither of us ever had. We checked into the hotel and made some drinks, chatted for a while and got comfortable. We drank a lot that night and didn't sleep much so the details are a little hazy but I'll do my best to get them all right.

We started by taking a shower together. We took turns washing each other then I knelt down behind her and started kissing her thighs and ass. She bent over and pushed her ass out at me more and I took turns licking her sexy ass and pussy. She was moaning like crazy since she loves her ass played with so much! Then I stood up, bent her over more and slid my cock in her ass slowly. We fucked for several minutes till I felt her cum hard several times. Then we toweled off and I went out for more drinks.

She came out of the bathroom in a sexy school girl outfit and I took her to the bed where she had her restraints and toys all laid out and ready. She laid down on the bed on her stomach with pillows under her hips to keep her ass in the air. I put her hands and feet in the restraints and we started a game where I could touch ANY part of her body except her pussy until she was absolutely begging me to. I'm not sure why I didn't take any pictures of her all tied up and exposed but I guess I had other things on my mind lol. I'm not sure how long I made her hold out but I do know I kissed her entire body and teased her asshole for a long time before I finally tasted that hot wet pussy! And when I did she was literately dripping wet and it was such a turn on for me! After a few orgasms with my tongue I slid my cock deep inside her and fucked her good and long in that position. Then I got her favorite toy and slid it in her pussy while I fucker her ass. OMG it was so hot!!

We took a break and of course drank a lot more. This hotel had a full kitchen and while we were drinking we started making out again and I lifted her up on the counter and slid my cock in her wet pussy. We were fucking hard and the angle must have been just right because I was able to make her squirt. When she came the sound of it hitting the hard floor was so sexy and it turned us both on SO MUCH!

We fucked a lot more in the bed and at some point I asked her if she wanted to have sex in the window and her eyes lit up and she said "YES" . We were on the third floor unfortunately so there wasn't much chance of anyone seeing us and it was way after midnight. She put her hands against the glass and I started fucking her from behind. We were both loving the feeling of the risk and excitement! I finally noticed there was a guy in his car sitting and looking our direction. I'm not positive he was watching but he sat there the whole time we were fucking, it was such a turn on for is both! We did a few other things before we needed a break for alcohol and to sit down but we kept the blinds wide open and the lights on the rest of the night. There was another hotel across the parking lot and its very possible someone got a good show that night!

After that things get really fuzzy for me but I do remember what she did to finally get me off, it as really hot and very very kinky but I think that's a story for the next post.

Please send us feedback and pics, we love them!

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So Embarrassed ... She Turns Red

*** An introvert. VERY shy and sensitive, easily embarrassed, this losing girl accepts bets for consequences she can barely tolerate psychologically. Her way of letting off steam.

What's happening?? ...

"She Lost - While playing she had second thoughts and desperately tried to win."

"I won - Not only did she pay up but I put her on display, AND played with her emotions, exposing her more."


Loser Must Masturbate for the Other 2 ...

Their First Time Playing Strip High Card ...

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