Making Fantasy Reality

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Making Fantasy Reality



I have always been a bit adventurous but had problems bridging desire to reality. My mind races and sex is fun in bed but that's usually about it. I wanted to take a step out onto the wild side but was too chicken. Well, on one of my birthdays a coworker/friend invited me to join him and his wife to a nightclub, his treat. He warned me that the place was a bit extreme and I might see things I hadn't seen before. I let him know I was from CA, and that I doubt if there was anything in Texas I hadn't seen before. So my boyfriend and I met them at a restaurant for dinner and then proceeded on to the club.

When we first walked in the place seemed rather innocuous. The club had a big dance floor, was well decorated, had an outstanding bar and a pool table in one corner. There were about 15 couples in the place (it was close to 9 o'clock) and the pool table was busy. The only thing that seemed unique was that the bartenders were serious hardbodied men wearing only black slacks and bowties, and the waitresses were wearing French Maid outfits.

Around 10 the action started picking up and the place started getting crowded. The pool table was covered and moved out of the way so that more room could be made for couches and tables. I began to notice that everyone was dressed to thrill. As more couples would enter the place they were greeted extremely affectionately by others. The affection was usually demonstrated by carresses, deep kisses, or unbuttoning clothes to access tender zones. I realized that I had found a new hangout.

It was an off premise club, so any actual sexual acts had to be covert. The middle of the crowded dance floor was a great place to give and recieve sexual gratification. The booths in the darker recesses of the club were busy with multiple partner couplings of sorts. My boyfriend and I were just taking it all in, getting a feel for the place. Of course there were several hands stroking me while we danced and I couldn't resist the temptation of fondling some of the men I was attracted to. But all in all, we kept our activity to a minimum and delighted in a voyeur's paradise.

When we got home, my boyfriend and I got into a deep discussion about what we had seen. I found out that he was really secure in sharing our sexual activity with others, but what excited him most was thinking of watching me with other men. I wanted to see him with women too and so this in turn let me know that a long term relationship with him was going to take me in the direction I wanted to go.

So we went to the club that weekend and once again just took it in, not really participating. Afterward, we talked about it and I learned that he was hard the whole time with the possibilities. I was wet too. We returned another night and dove in head first. I first watched him dance with a woman and was strangely jealous but also turned on. They kissed like forever and then he came over to me. When it was my turn to dance I was already primed and ended up letting the guy bring me to orgasm on the dance floor! I walked over to my boyfriend almost ashamed I had gone too far but he was smiling and hard. We went home and had sex thinking about what happened.

We've since looked online and found other single men and women who we may at one point soon hook up with. After all that I'm still timid. My boyfriend is more okay watching me with a man than the other way around.

That interaction online led us here. We hope to find people to flirt with and maybe trade pictures and stories with. We may even, dare I say, 'meet'!

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