MFM Threesome Report - 2

Jen - 8

MFM Threesome Description



Jen here. Roy really came through in finding a good candidate for our watcher fantasy. I know it wasn't an easy search for him and it took time to find someone that we would be comfortable with. So thanks to Roy for allowing me to live out a fantasy, and for being so supportive. I think I owe him big time now right!

I was so nervous in the days leading up to that night. Eventually I became more excited than nervous after dreaming of all the possible scenarios. Reality hit me when I arrived at the hotel so I had a few drinks to relax. Maybe a few too many...I tried to sober up a bit while we were waiting, but was so revved up and about tired Roy out in the process. I was begging him to make me come but he made me hold out for Kal. We redressed right before he arrived.

After we got the introductions and awkward small talk out of the way, Kal sat in the chair next to the bed. Roy got right to undressing me. He knew I was so ready and didn't make me wait any longer. I caught Kal's eyes watching him undress me and was so excited at the possibilities this experience had for us.

Roy laid me down on the bed and climbed on top, kissing me, touching me, and I felt his hard cock pressing into me. I was so eager for him to enter me. I watched Kal as he unzipped his pants and pulled his hard impressive cock out and started touching himself. I was so wet from anticipation as Roy finally was inside me. I was so turned on by watching him masturbate and watching us that I couldn't resist asking him to come closer.

As I started touching Kal, I watched Roy to make sure he was ok with how this was progressing. He made no complaints and after a few minutes I slipped Kal's cock into my mouth. Roy pulled his cock out of me and started kissing me all down my body until his tongue reached my clit. He knows exactly where to lick me that drives me absolutely didn't take me long to come with Roy's mouth on my pussy and Kal's cock in my mouth.

We all stood up and as Roy entered me from behind, I raised up and kissed Kal as he touched my breasts while I stroked his cock. We tried many positions that allowed us all to participate, with Roy penetrating me each time. My favorite position was riding Roy reverse cowgirl, Kal in front of me on his knees, kissing me and rubbing my clit as Roy pulled my hair and spanked me. It was so empowering to have these two sexy men, four hands and two cocks all to myself, willing to do whatever I asked and making sure I was being satisfied.

Roy laid me back on the bed and climbed back on top and I took Kal's cock into my mouth once more. I asked Kal if he would like to cum onto my tits. He started masturbating over me and I begged Roy to fuck me harder and faster. I was so impressed at Roy's stamina and as he was fucking me, his sweat dripping onto my face. I felt Kals warmth spill onto my chest as he moaned softly. As he took his seat to finish watching I rubbed Kal's cum over my tits and licked It off my fingers as Roy watched from above me. I could feel his cock throbbing deep inside me right before he pulled out and came onto my stomach.

This experience was so amazing and I am so glad we found Kal. He was so respectful and up for whatever we wanted to do. So thank you Kal and we will definitely keep you in mind for our next adventure.

For those of you that may find yourselves presented with this opportunity, communication is key. Keep an open mind, set boundaries, and don't do anything you are uncomfortable with just to please your partner.

Roy and I are so much closer now simply because of the dialogue we had to have leading up to this. Even though we enjoyed the experience, I realized even more clearly that Roy is all I need to be satisfied. What we have together means so much to me and there are no words to express how he makes me feel.

Now it's Roy's turn...he deserves a fantasy to be fulfilled. Our next adventure will hopefully involve finding a woman or a couple that would allow us to share. He would like to watch me make love to another woman and possibly participate, depending on her comfort level. Once again, penetration will most likely be off the table, as I really wanna keep that special connection between ourselves. But we'll see how everything plays out.

We look forward to hearing all your responses and hopefully offers to help Roy live out a fantasy. Hope our adventures bring you a little excitement!!

With love...

The thoroughly satisfied Jen


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