GF Into Gangbangs


GF Into Gangbangs



I'm Lily and have always been an exhibitionist since I was a teen. In high school, I would wear thin t-shirts with no bra because it turned me on to know that all the guys staring at my tits could vaguely see my nipples through my shirt. In college, I would wear short skirts with no underwear in public, always hoping the wind would blow my skirt up so everyone would get a glimpse of my ass and pussy. Whenever it happened, I would pretend to be embarrassed but it made me wet to know that dozens of people had seen me exposed.

These days, I get a kick out of having naked pictures of me taken in public or where others might see - like pressed up against a glass window, on a public staircase, or out on a fire escape.

I also love getting gangbanged, and attend local gangbang parties at least twice a month where I get fucked by 12 to 20 guys each time. It turns me on to be used for the sexual pleasure of others and have so many men watch me get fucked. My ultimate fantasy is to be creampie/bukkake gangbanged by 50 or more guys somewhere public with a HUGE crowd watching. Even though I know it could be dangerous for my career if pictures with my face get leaked on the Internet, I allow guys at gangbang parties to take photos and videos of me because the exhibitionist in me is stronger than any fear of repercussions. Maybe someday this is going to bite me in the ass...

I have a boyfriend who enjoys watching me with other men, so it all works out. He was the one who found Truth or Dare Pics and dared me to send in my pictures!

This is such an awesome site. I love seeing photos of other regular girls who love getting naked on the Internet! To me, porn is pretty hot but there's something even hotter about a normal, everyday girl willing to be stripped naked or fucked for everyone online to see. This is the kind of thing I get off to.

Maybe if you guys like these photos, I'll submit some photos from my gangbangs to Truth or Dare Pics next time!

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