Making Fantasy Reality

Loose Latina

Making Fantasy Reality



My wife (28) and I (32) have been married for some time. I have always wanted to know what her sexual fantasies were but she felt ashamed of sharing them. About a year ago, we had a conversation about her fantasies. She told me that she was afraid of what I would think or that I would judge her. I told her that I just wanted to know what she likes and it would probably turn me on listening to her. After that, she has been more comfortable sharing her fantasies with me and I love it. I was impressed and have been turned on by all her (kinky, submissive, swinger, lesbian and fetish) fantasies. As you can imagine I would like to help her with all of them but we are starting slow.

One of her fantasies is to be naked in front of other people but she does not like her body. On the contrary I love her body. Of course, she doesn't believe me and tells me im just being nice.

A few days ago we decided to go on a trip for the weekend. When we got to our destination, I stopped at a store so I could stretch my legs. When I looked at my wife, she was kneeling on the seat trying to reach her phone charger from the back seat. I also saw a guy sitting on his motorcycle, next to my car, looking at my wife's ass. He kept staring at it until he saw me looking at him. I noticed that she sat back in her seat once the biker left. once in the car she was smiling at me and asked me if I noticed that the biker was staring at her ass. It was a bit funny. The tint on my car's back seat windows is a lot darker than the front seat, so while he could see her ass, he couldn't see that she was looking at him through the back window. She told me that she was trying to move so that her pants would slowly slip down but did not want to be too obvious. I was a bit surprised since she has never did something like that unless I dare her.

A few hours later, we went to dinner and had several drinks. I could notice that she was excited and wanted to go to the hotel. When we were there, she asked me if I wanted to take pictures of her. Of course I agreed. she wanted to do something daring so we opened the window and she stood there for a couple of minutes. We also left the curtain partially open as we had sex. we heard voices outside our room but we did not see anybody looking. She loved it and now wants to do more.

Anyway, she asked me if I wanted to post the pictures online that I could, so here are some of them. Sorry about the long story but I felt I needed to explain how this started. It would be amazing to receive comments (men and women) or tell her (or show her) how you are using her pictures and of course tell her what you would like her to do.

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