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We'd like to join the fun and say (and show!) our piece. We've been married 14 years and our sex life only gets better and more fun as time goes on.

One of the times that was the most fun was when my wife and I were living in Florida. She worked as a leasing agent for the apartment complex we lived in. Late one evening around 11:00 pm or so we decided to go for a swim and since it was late and the pool rather secluded, we decided to forgo the swim suits. After a day in the sun and using both sunscreen and oil, her breasts were gleaming like beacons in the night.

She swam several laps and then took a break over on the side of the pool with her arms on the side and her legs slightly spread open. Me never being one to pass up an opportunity swam over under water and came up next to her all the while admiring the view underneath. I slid up into her arms and kissed her. Well that stirred things up and the next thing I know, she mounted me and began to ride me still holding on to the side. As I began to swell and throb, she started to cum and threw her head back, surrendering her beautiful breasts to my tongue.

As I pumped harder, emptying my self in her, she let out a moan and I could feel her pulsating around my cock. At that very moment, a thunderstorm began and thunder and lightning began as we climaxed wrapped in each others arms. The feeling was surreal as the sky lit up and the rain began in earnest - I know it's like something from the movies but this it really did start to thunder.

We finished and quickly gathered our clothes and ran to the apartment.

The next day, my wife calls me and said that the maintainance man said something like "You would be amazed at the things you see around here at night" and flashed her a grin. I asked if she were embaressed and she said "Hell no!"

After that we have been talking about how it would have been nice for him to join us. It was more of a fantasy as she wasn't ready for that at the time and neither was I. But she is now and we are about to begin looking for a man to take things slow with Miss D.

Thanks for this and for a fantastic group of people on todp.

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