Naked for the Doctor

Mr & Mrs Bunny - 3

Naked for the Doctor



Sorry we've been inactive for a while, but having kids is tough!!!

We apologize that our stud in our previous dare was unable to complete a DP and DVP dare challenge. We shall seek for a new stud, and hopefully during our next Vegas visit and since Mr.Bunny is a comp't pro Gambler, we can have a Vegas Strip room for a few fucks/nights.

THIS latest dare is of Mrs. Bunny is during a pap smear appointment( health comes first!). Naturally, she chose a male doctor so we could phantacize about what is on his mind once he cracks her sweet pussy open it's all up to our imagination.

OUR dare begins with Mrs. Bunny being shy and slowly exposing her tits and her sweet wet South American Latina cunt!!! Meanwhile, the female nurse told her to fully undress from both her top and bottom because her exam included a breast exam along with the vaginal/pelvic exam. I immediately felt an intense pleasurable rush of adrenaline like no other to the prospect of her being groped and finger fucked by a male practitioner!!!

I immeaditely began licking her clit and eating her pussy once the nurse stepped out of the room for Mrs. Bunny to undress. The doctor took forever... And by the time he arrived, she had an orgasm on the exam table as you can see the evidence shown.

He put on his gloves and asked Mrs. Bunny to lay down so that he could check out her breast... I was sitting right behind his exam chair as he squeezed her 38 DD size tits and I was harder than a diamond while I saw this male doctor fondle and squeeze my wife's tits. I even stood up with a clearly visible hard dick to get a closer view!!!

Following the breast exam, he asked Mrs. Bunny to lay down and to slowly open and put her legs on the stirrups, and as she did so, her pussy popped open just right for him. He inserted the duck billed speculum and cracked her sweet wet pussy fully wide open while I observed her cervix along with him. Then... he slowly pulled out the speculum out of her beautiful wet pussy, as it slowly contracted back into it's natural tightness as she layed vulnerable and exposed to him at his will. Mrs. Bunny's delicious sweet wet pussy could be smelled throughout the room, and I could tell he was enjoying this exam as much as we both were.

Then, he slowly inserted his two left fingers inside her beautiful sweet wet pussy and began to stimulate Mrs. Bunny's G spot and she slowly laughed as we kept it professional even though it felt good for her. When he removed his fingers from inside of her and left her open on the stirrups, I cracked her pussy open and cuouriously asked about a mole in her pussy lips that wasn't there before,( it's always been there). As he observed my favorite play toy cracked open, he suggested we see a dermatologist to look into that mysterious labia mole.

The downside is that we're moving from California to Northwest Arizona soon, so we shall look for a new PCP, Gyno, and Dermatologist to examine her beautiful tasty vagina and whatever else medical action we can get in while we're at it!!!

Mrs. Bunny is quite picky and only let's males examine her sweet wet cunt! Talk about a woman's right to choose!!! As soon as we got home... we blew off some serious steam off and we both orgasm'd to such an erotic experience every time we fuck now!!!

We welcome your comments, dare ideas, and requests... Hopefully we can find a fan or fans to dare with when we visit a Vegas in the first weekend of March!


We are looking for fans or couples to have fun with. We're in the Los Angeles area!!!


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