Flashing in Public


Flashing in Public



1st 3 PICS - The other day I took my hot girlfriend to Goodwill to pick out some VERY short dresses. After she found several she liked, we both went into the dressing room where she tried them on for me. Here are the pics.

PICS 4 & 5 - My girlfriend grew up a nudist. She has a beautiful body, and she loves to go naked around the house, even when visitors come by. I find this a real turn-on, and I encourage her. Recently I proposed a fun outing. I told her to wear a very short skirt and no panties, and I took her out to dinner at Applebee’s. While we sat at the table across from each other, she “casually” opened her legs to expose her pretty little neatly-trimmed pussy to a couple of guys sitting at a table across the aisle and behind me. Catching their eyes, she gave them a knowing little smile before slowly closing her legs and turning back to me to resume our conversation. I didn’t see the guys or their expressions, but I’m sure they were quite delighted! I took this picture of her flashing for me right after the other guys left. She was so turned on by this that she was all over me when we got home. Now I’m planning other such adventures at the mall, parks, and elsewhere. And I will make sure that she always wears short skirts and no panties when she’s out with me!

PICS 6 & 7 - My girlfriend and I went out for a picnic to a fantastic rock formation known as Elephant Rocks, near Dillon Beach on the northern California coast. We were taking photos with our cell phones, when my girlfriend spontaneously took off her shirt to pose topless. Well, one thing led to another, and she decided to strip down to nothing but her boots for more pics, which I am attaching here. At various times other hikers came around the rocks, but none of them came by while she was posing naked, so they missed the show. I think we’ll have to do more of this, and another time we may get an audience!

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