5 Star Hotel Sex


5 Star Hotel Sex



My wife and recently I spent an evening at a five star hotel. Over dinner and a few drinks we got to talking about some of the adventurous sexual encounters we’ve had in the past. Reminiscing about those good times was getting us both a bit excited as I could see my wife’s nipples perking up in the halter top of her sexy dress and I certainly had a stiff erection. Looking at me seductively, she said “You know, we’ve never fooled around in an elevator”.

She got up to excuse herself to the bathroom and my eyes followed. I was taken by her petite figure as she sauntered away in a flowing dress with classy heels, accented with tasteful jewelry. Her brunette hair cascaded down the front of her dress drawing attention to her stunning cleavage. Upon returning, she coyly mentioned that she had removed her underwear. “Check please!”

We got up and made our way to the lobby and pressed the button for the elevator. The doors opened and to our luck we got into a vacant car. Once the doors shut she immediately knelt in front of me while I released my rigid cock from my dress slacks. Being as there are only 4 floors to this hotel, we needed to work expeditiously. She pushed her warm mouth over my swollen member and worked it in and out with her hand. I held her hair back and took in the nice view as her lips curled over my shaft. Her eyes were closed as she expertly worked, enjoying giving as much as I enjoyed receiving. As we approached the 4th floor she got up just as the doors opened. Nobody entered so we pressed the button to return to the lobby. She swiftly got back down and I slid my penis over her tongue, back and forth. This time, though, we locked eyes. It was a beautifully, erotic sight. The pleasure was immense but the ride was short as we reached our destination and quickly composed ourselves.

A bit worked up, we exited the elevator and turned the corner to one of the hallways that led to meeting rooms. We checked each of the doors, but they were all locked. One of the doors was isolated in an alcove off the hallway. I moved my wife into that area and got down in front of her as she lifted her dress, exposing her finely groomed vagina. She was already moist as I took a long, vertical lick; parting her pussy lips as I did so. In response, she let out a long moan and grabbed my hair as she motioned my tongue up and down on her. This continued for a few minutes until we heard some movement at the end the hallway. I gave her a final, long stroke and pulled her dress back down. Composing ourselves again, I took her hand and led her down the hallway where we found a stairwell.

Once inside, I pushed her against the railing, got down on my knees and lifted her leg by her thigh. It gave me a great angle to continue licking her dripping pussy. She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes as she was lost in the pleasure. She grabbed my head tighter, directing the penetration to where she needed it, softly humming with each pass. We heard a door close as someone entered the stairway on the floor above us. I let her leg back down and we exited out a door to the outside courtyard.

In the courtyard there was gazebo with 2 egg-shaped, wicker chairs that were suspended overhead. This was the perfect place to continue what we had started.

I placed her in one of the swinging chairs and she was able to easily spread her legs through the side supports. She lifted her dress as I got on my knees before her. This time I started by inserting 2 fingers deep inside her as she let out a deep exhale. In and out I penetrated her, vibrating back and forth until my fingers were wet with her juices. I leaned in to suck her swollen clitoris as I removed my fingers from her vagina and placed them in her mouth. She moaned as she cleansed them with her tongue. To replace my fingers, she moved her hand down and began to stimulate herself as I continued to orally pleasure her.

Sensing it was now my turn, she pushed me back. I stood in front of her as she unzipped my pants and fished my pulsing cock from my trousers. I held onto the arms of the chair as she sensually massaged my penis. Softly teasing my bulging head, she tasted the pre-cum that began to leak from all the sexual tension that had been building. Taking me deep into her throat, I was getting lost in the erotic moment, but still managed to spy our surroundings to make sure no one was around. So far, all was clear. After a few reflexive twitches of my cock in her mouth I was getting close to ejaculating, but felt it was too soon. I like to make sure she gets her orgasm before I do.

I pulled my shaft out of her mouth and sat down in the other chair. She stood up, lifted her dress, turned and guided my cock into her from the rear. The suspended chair offered a perfect penetration position as I grabbed her thighs and slid my cock in and out from behind. Her breaths were getting quicker and heavier as she grabbed onto the chair and pulled me deep inside. We were both on the verge of climax when we heard the door from the hotel to the courtyard open close by. A security guard passing through interrupted us with “Guys, you can’t do that here”. My wife slid off of me and all she could muster in reply was, “Umm, ok”. He must have gotten a good look at what was going on, but he didn’t linger while I pulled up my pants.

Well, now we were really pent up so we headed back to our room. In the ride up the elevator, I got on my knees, pushed her to the wall and licked her some more on the quick ride to the 4th floor.

We hurried back to the room and out to a chair on the balcony. She pulled off my shoes and pants and pushed me down. She started sucking me again while she loosened the knot of her halter top, exposing her natural, gorgeous breasts. Leaning forward she placed my dick between her cleavage and started to tit fuck me. She cupped her hands around her nipples and applied just the right amount of pressure as her mouth was eagerly waiting to suck my head each time I pushed up. The warm saliva from her tongue was lubricating her chest, making the feeling intense.

Once again I was getting close and needed to make sure to slow down before I went too far. I pulled back and she stood up and took her dress off completely. Remaining in only her high heels and jewelry I entered her from behind as she steadied herself by holding onto the railing. As I slowly slid into her, her pussy contacted over my shaft and expanded as I pulled out. While I penetrated her, I massaged the bottom of her vagina with my thumb. Her necklace tapped against the railing and her earrings and bracelets dangled as I pumped her with each thrust. Anyone walking below would have gotten a good view of this show.

The adventurous foreplay of the evening had brought us to our sexual pinnacle. I could feel her tunnel tighten over me as her cries of passion increased. I knew she was close and I could feel it building inside me as well. I pushed faster and deeper until passing the point of no return; releasing into her a draining climax which simultaneously set her off. Her back arched and she let out an uncontrollable scream as her orgasm came in waves.

We stayed in that position for a few moments while our pulses returned to normal and our bodies cooled and relaxed.

We laughed about it later that we may actually be exhibitionists. Though we don’t consider ourselves as such, it was indeed thrilling to fool around in this public place while trying to be discreet. Who knows, there may even be some security footage of this erotic evening.

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