Meeting a TODP Fan!

Sam - 10

Meeting a TODP Fan



I have been corresponding with Sam & Scott for a couple of years now. In fact their 3rd posting theme was at my request. We also bantered back and forth about Sam being a Packer fan and we even bet when the Packers played my favorite team. One day recently, Scott emailed me and said they would be passing through the area where I live as they travel for their vacation. I answered back, inviting them to stop for a meal or coffee on the way through so we could meet. That day finally came and when I got a call from Scott giving me their ETA, we made final plans to share a Brunch They were on their way home. Scott had told me in an earlier email that he would try to have Sam wear one of her loose fitting blouses, and maybe I would get a sneak peek. He left that totally up to Sam.

I got to the restaurant before them and went inside to the waiting area, where I could watch the parking lot. As I watched them get out of their car , I witnessed Samís breasts falling out of her blouse. I knew then, it was going to be an entertaining Brunch, although I did not know how entertaining it would be. We greeted and Scott asked the hostess for a booth in the back corner. Scott and Sam sat on one side and I sat across from Sam. As she removed her jacket, while sitting down, out her popped her assets again. My eyes popped out of my head as well, as I watched her get situated. As we talked and got to know each other, Sam opened and closed her blouse several times when the waitress took care of her business. Otherwise, Sam always tried to keep one visible to me while we talked and ate. I had a difficult time eating and as talked to them, my eyes would stray to her inviting feast I think the waitress knew what was going on too!

We only had about an hour together, as they had a long drive back home and they wanted to keep moving. When we stepped outside, we went behind the restaurant and Scott snapped the pictures you see here. Thank you Sam and Scott, for giving me a most memorable day.


Scott/Sam - EMAIL ME!!

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