Wife Sharing

Shared Wife

Wife Sharing



We're happy to try out our first dare here on todp. She isn't called 'Shared Wife' for nothing.

I never had to convince her to have other guys. When we started dating I suspected that she was seeing others at the start. When we got serious she said to me that she understood that I would want her not to see others. My reaction was to let her do what she wanted.

I know she didnít see others anymore and it wasnít till after we were married about 2 years that she asked me again if I minded.

She said she enjoyed our sex life but she had been used to variety and would like to enjoy it again. She was happy to try anything I wanted. She went to great lengths to make sure that I was happy with everything.

She is a very sexual person and loves to flirt. She has an appetite for sex and always seems to be up for it. Sometimes I have fucked her twice, licked and fingered her and made her cum over and over and she has still masturbated at night.

We have enjoyed a variety of different men in different ways. She is very open and I always know what is happening. She always finds the lovers herself online.

She will usually have them alone without me first then the next time includes me. If they donít want that then she never sees them again. Itís been that way for over 10 years now.

We have tried and included other women. She is ok with that but they leave her unsatisfied. She simply loves cock and lots of it.

I am very happy with her and never feel left out. It's my choice. When lovers come to the house which is the norm then sometimes I even excuse myself and let them enjoy each other. I find this very arousing and itís often good to join them later or even after the lover has left. That way everyone gets variety. If they stay over then she always sleeps with me and the lover may be there as well. She does not like to sleep away from me or with anyone else.

It is a perfect arrangement and we have gotten closer because of this.

Please email us if you'd like to be a part of this or if you just want to say hello.

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