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First Time Topless



This is the first time for us posting on todp. So me and my girlfriend went on vacation a couple of months ago and we spent plenty of time on the beache, by the pool and drinking :P.

About 3 days into the holliday we were on the beach late morning and it was red hot, the beach was full and we were sitting about 3 meters away from the sea, we were joking about the hand full of women that were topless probably 1 in every 20, I was joking around with her saying that she has never gone topless before as she has always said she never would because she was too shy and didn't want other guys seeing her boobs, I kept on about it telling her that she wouldn't have the balls and she was just laughing it off...I was kinda daring her to do it but didn't think she would ever because I know how shy she is.

After about 20 mins of talking about the same thing we went onto another subject, but while talking about it she gave me this shy uncomfortable look, a moment later she put her hand behind her back and undone her bikini top letting it drop on the sand exposing her white tits! I was amazed that she actually did it being as shy as she is.

she didn't know where to put herself, leaning forward and back, covering them with her hands, looking down at them.

About fifteen people passed us right up close because they were walking down the sea front, most of them were guys and nearly all of them turned and looked at my girlfriend's breasts, with one guy who was on his own wearing dark shades actually turning around about 10 meters up the sea front and walking past again getting another view.

There was two guys behind us that were on either side of us that got a great views of em, never seen her so shy in her life and we have been together 5 years.

She was going to put her bikini top back on but I wanted to take a couple of pics to prove to us she did it this meant they were out longer, I took two sitting down, I would of stood up and took more and some better ones but I couldn't beat down the rock that was in my pants before she put her top back on lol.

They were only exposed for about ten mins but it must have been the longest ten mins of my girlfriend's life, One thing I did notice is that on the pictures her nipples were getting hard, she usually has puffy nips and rockets when they are fully hard, but they were definately getting that way, it was about 90 degrees and there was no breeze so i'm guessing it must have turned her on a bit!

It goes to say she never went topless again the whole holliday and she has the bright white tanlines to show for it!

I also took a normal picture earlier on that day, didn't think much of it at the time but she looked good in her bikini too!

It turned us both on so we thought we would share the experience. We know loads of women go topless but it was a massive thing for my girlfriend to try, I mean she wont even take her top off when sunbathing on her front!

We'd love to get emails and know what people here think.

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