Shaved Pussy Dare

Shy V

Shaved Pussy Dare



The night started with many glasses of wine. I had agreed for my husband to shave my pussy so that I was hairless from the lips below. I had then agreed to do a photo-shoot on condition that after a few days he deleted the photos. Dare0 is a pic of me having a bath pre shave. None of these photos I actually knew at the time that my husband was taking I thought he was just typing something on his phone! My husband had been plying me with wine the whole time and I was rather drunk by this stage.

My husband then asked me to dress in a skimpy satin dress, some sheer panties and some thigh highs and no bra to begin the photo-shoot. I knew that without a bra my nipples would be poking through the soft satin material. Next I am dressed and submitting to my husbands desire to show some leg. I was extremely nervous and hesitant but this was a promise I had made so as much as I felt reluctant to show any flesh I just went with it as best as I could. The numerous glasses of wine had given me some courage.

Hubby then asked me to take a seat on a chair with my legs straddled and raise my dress. I knew my panties were on display and that the sheerness of the them would conceal little. I knew that my triangular bush and hairless pussy would be on display and that my nipples would be poking through my satin dress. Whilst feeling extremely nervous I began to sense a heat between my legs.

I started to feel as though I was losing control and quickly tried to seduce my husband into abandoning the shoot and having sex with me but he resisted and ordered me to take my dress off which you can see on some photos. My breasts were now exposed. My husband was now taking a close up of my sheer panties.

Hubby then ordered me to the bed where he asked me to blow him kisses whilst he proceeded to snap photo after photo. My exposed breasts and my pussy covered only by the sheerest material. My pussy was now moist and I was willing my husband to fuck me. Still he resisted and he ordered me to lower my panties but just a little show my panties lowered. God I felt like such a slut.

By now I was actually willing my panties off. Whereas earlier I barely wanted to show an yleg by now the experience had intoxicated me and I was willing my pussy to be exposed. And soon enough my husband lowered my panties for me . He then had me stand in front of him as he lowered them further. My pussy was now completely exposed with my panties half way down my thighs . One week ago if you had told me I would be doing a photoshoot for my husband with my shaved pussy on display Id have called you crazy. If you had then told me he would talk me into posting them online for the world to see Id have called you a doctor! By then I could sense he was in close I felt so dirty.

Now hubby had me remove all clothes and wear one of his work shirts. Hubby ordered me back to the chair and to spread my legs. By now my pussy was soooo wet. The moisture was practically running down my legs. Photos show me with my pussy spread and only a work shirt for dignity. A few of the photos he asked me to slide my fingers up and down my clit and if you look closely you can see the moisture seeping out of me.

More photos were close up and I felt ashamed yet incredibly turned on. There was a happy ending eventually I got what I needed which was a good hard fuck. Both of us were hot as anything by now and photo 30 shows me getting a good fuck!

I have since agreed to post my pics and that if there is enough interest that I will do another photoshoot. I think knowing that they will be posted online would make the next photoshoot even more exhilarating than the first. Perhaps readers can tell me which are their fav pics, which turn them on the most and maybe suggest some pics for me to take next time!

God just writing this email and knowing that when I click the send button my photos will be out for the world to see forever has made me considerably wet again! I've gone from shy to shy slut in one step!


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