Wife's Sexual Past


Wife's Sexual Past



My wife finally started telling me about her past. She felt the need to confess, and clear the air. I was all ears...playing it cool. If you really want to tell me I'll listen..

She confessed a few things including a mfm but her first little revelation had my full attention.

She told me about going to a private beach with her then boyfriend and two of his friends. She was 18 at the time. It was an isolated location the friends were sitting on the beach. She and he were in the water waist deep. He came up from behind her slipping his finger down the front of her bottoms. She described being embarrassed and stunned as the other two guys could see what was happening. She says she doesn't know why she let it happen but she did. The boyfriend motioned her closer toward shore where the water was less deep. He lowered her bottoms and removed her top so that the guys could see her tits and pussy. She told me how the boyfriend ran his hands over her nude body showing her off.

It was extreemly stimulating and made me wonder if she secretly wanted me to show her off. I flirted with the subject but was always shot down.

Weeks later I found myself sitting in a hot tub with my wife and one of my friends. She was in front of me, I was rubbing her back. I managed to loosen her top while rubbing her back. Her nipples slowly made subtle little hints of becoming visible. She appeared to be unaware her top was sagging. Her nips were in sight. My friends eyes were peering over her with a look of heated anticipation. I continued to rub and chat stealing peeks not wanting to be obvious. She seemed oblivious. I pressed my hands into her back deeply...her eyes closed...her top moved. I took a quick glance. Her nipples were inflamed and in full sight. Her top slipped futher exposing her breasts completely. She suddenly pulled her top back up covering herself with shy innocent charm.

When my rubbing resummed I told her we were enjoying the view and wanted it to continue. She was very timid but did not resist as I loosened her top and set it aside. This was a first for me and I was loving it. She was unsettled at first but became more at ease. Both my friend and I slid off our bottoms encouraging the situation. Several minutes passed when I told her she needed to stand up. She looked at me with a fluttery glare as I explained she needed to loose her bottoms too. She reluctantly stood under protest letting me slid off her bottoms. She turned showing her backside then frontside to the eager eyes seeing her for the first time. The experience concluded with my wife fucking the both of us moving from one to the other.

So listen to the stories from the past they just might be desires for the here and now.

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