Tied to the Bed Dare


Tied to the Bed Nude



I have always liked and fantasized about being a sub and having someone dominate me in bed. I used to imagine what it would feel like to be restrained and unable to do anything while someone had their way with me... Until the day my handsome boyfriend pleasantly surprised me by pinning me down and tying me spread-eagle style to the bed. At first I was incredibly nervous, I felt exposed and my heart was hammering in my chest...

He slowly started teasing me, running his hands over my skin, brushing over my nipples and taking his time to pinch each one until they were hard between his fingers... A moan escaped my mouth as his hands traveled further down towards my nether region where he continued to tease me by caressing the inside of my thighs and occasionally stroking my clit. The initial nervousness had gone and was replaced by sexual anticipation and a deep primal hunger as I lifted my hips towards him so that he could please me more...but he had other plans. He pushed me down and leaned in to kiss me; as our lips locked and his tongue was twining with mine I could feel my sex dripping... he started rubbing my budding clit slowly and with little pressure then inserted a finger into my pussy and got to working me. I moaned against his lips as I lifted myself again to increase the pressure. Thoroughly aroused, I could feel myself steadily climbing towards an orgasm. He broke the kiss and started planting kisses down to my chest where he stopped to gently bite and suck on my nipples all the while finger fucking my wet pussy - it wasn't long before I climaxed. He with his nimble tongue worked his way from my breasts down to my pussy where he started lapping away at my juices.. I moaned and struggled against the ropes. He then started kissing, licking and lightly biting me in the inner thighs and that drove me wild. My pussy was throbbing with desire - I wanted cock pounding away inside me. After sucking on and licking my clit while fingering me I came again. quivering from my last orgasm he cupped my breasts and started kissing and caressing me again and soon I was begging him to cut me loose so that he could shove his cock in my waiting pussy. (Nothing beats the feeling of being filled up and rammed by a cock)

Bondage brings about its own beauty, it was a completely different experience.

After our little tryst we decided to go bask in the sun on a nudist beach and even that brought about it's own erotic excitement which I'll be more than happy to share if any of you are interested.

I'm fairly new to posting on TODP. I'm looking for more challenges/dares.. Feel free to e-mail me with ideas.

Susan - EMAIL ME!!





Everyone's welcome to watch or join in ... dare games going on round the clock 24/7.


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