Truths and Dares

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Truths and Dares



Em enjoyed all of her admirer’s complements and all the dirty things you would do with you; she wanted to submit another post. She replied to every message and request; we had a slight problem with our email account at the beginning – so if you did not receive a reply; please send her a new message.

My girlfriend (Em) was wet all week with all the dirty messages being received from her admirers; she even came home during lunch to play with her toys (attached picture) as well as fingering herself in her workplace bathroom. In everyday life she holds a Master’s Degree and has a professional role in society. She goes off to work every day with a very wet pussy wanting every man she encounters; more so this last week! Outside the bedroom, she is my princess; in the bedroom, she is my sex slave.

Dares: Em received several dares from her admirers and me. These were the tops ones: wear a see through tee shirt with no bra out in public, wear no panties (she never does when with me anyhow) and flash your pussy when out in public, sunbath topless at a public beach, and submit a topless picture with a TODP members name on a sheet of paper. She performed all of the dares in question without a second thought.

Truth: She was asked two truths. (1) Em was asked what visual alone makes her wet. Em loves looking at pictures of men’s big hands and imagines their fingers spreading her pussy lips wide open as they watch their cocks go inside her flaring pussy lips and (2) Em was ask to tell her fantasy that she most wants to happen; we are making preparation to make this a reality. We live next to a very gentlemanly older man; in his late 60s/early 70s. At one point, this gentlemen approached Em and told her “your boyfriend has very good taste”. If he only knew that one statement turned her pussy into a puddled mess by the time she walked through the door. We had the loudest sex that night to ensure the old man heard every dirty word; we have very loud sex anyhow. Em wants to invite the old man over for a drink and seduce him. She wants to put him through an “application” process. The old man will not be allowed to fuck her until he can orally satisfy her; while I have my cock in her month. Once he orally satisfies her, he would be allowed to have his way with her for the remainder of the night. If he wants to come back for some more of that nice pussy, he would be required to bring a friend with. Em and I will tell the old man that this friend must have a bigger cock than the old man. The old man’s friend would have to go through the same “application” process. After the old man’s friend passes his application process all three of us will take turns with her for the rest of the night. We then will call one of both of them as Em needs arise.

Em would love to hear back from you and tell her what you would do with her pussy if given the chance; she especially likes stories from admirers on what they would do with her before or after church on a Sunday morning.

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