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Attached are 3 pics from a very hot night for my gf, J. Let me start off by saying we're a couple in our 20's from upstate NY. J is very shy when it come to being exposed but this past weekend helped overcome that. So 2 weekends ago J and I had a bet. I won the bet and dared J that the next time she goes out with her friends, she has to wear a dress that I pick and and she has to go with no bra and no panties.

So this past Friday, J was going out to a club with her friends. When she told me, I picked out a really really short orange dress (you can see how short it is in the first attached pic). The second attached pic is her showing me she's not wearing anything under right before she went out. Now the rest of what happened was told to me by her friend that went with her. Her friend L said,

"So we got to the club and as we walked by you could tell people knew immediately what she was wearing. Throughout the night guys kept hitting on her and buying us drinks. A couple of hours later J was extremely drunk and decided to dance on top of the bar table. As she danced, her dress got higher and higher to the point where it looked like she wasn't wearing any pants. People had there phones out taking pics and videoing the whole thing. Then J decided to pull her top down and now her boobs were showing and the dress was crumbled by her stomach. People started chanting take it off take it off and sure enough J took the whole dress off and put it on the table. A couple of seconds later, some guy took her dress and threw it onto the dance floor that was covered by a sea of people. Once J noticed her dress was gone, she got down and stumbled to the dance floor to try to find her dress. As we walked through the sea of people, guys were grabbing at every part of J's body. One guy even started fingering her right there on the dance floor. 2 guys came up to J with her dress and asked if she wanted it back and J said yes so they said ok come with us. The 3 of them went into the back room for about 30 min before she came back out but still with no dress on. She had the just fucked look with her hair and makeup all messed up. I asked her what happened and she said with a big smile "I just had sex with 2 guys". I asked her where her dress went and she said I don't know. That's when I called a cab to come get us. On the way back the cab decided to drop me off home first then said don't worry about paying this ones on me."

The rest of what happened is what J told me of what she can remember. J said "after L left he drove me a couple of more blocks towards home then asked if I had money to pay him for the ride. I said no I'm sorry and he said well I'll let it go if you suck my cock. So I had no other choice but to do as he asked. After he exploded in my mouth he dropped me off at home." J rang the bell when she got home and I opened the door to find her naked on the porch.

I'm sorry about the poor quality of pictures but if we get a lot of good responses maybe J will want to post more!

Let us know what you think of J and what she experienced! Also let us know what else you wanna see of J!


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