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First Time at a Swingerís Lounge

I was already feeling aroused after the car ride over to the swingerís lounge. Riding in a car with my Man at night is beyond exciting.

He tells me to recline my seat a bit and relax. While he drives he runs his hand over my breasts and thighs and tells me to spread my legs "a littleĒ. I teasingly slide my dress up and after only a few miles, my little black dress was raised high enough to tempt his hands to explore my aching wet pussy. I spread my legs more aching for his fingers to push inside me and finger fuck me furiously right there in the car.

He keeps me in this steady state of arousal for the rest of the drive over.

We pull up to the club around 11pm and hop out.

The entrance is dark and we are greeted by the sexy hostess. We pay the required fee and are given the rules.

"Have a good time", the hostess says with a smile as she directs us to enter through the curtained entrance off to her side. My Man takes me by the wrist and in we go.

The lighting is soft and inviting, enough to reveal the silhouettes of strangers scattered about. The sounds of the sexy drum beats resonating throughout the club add to the erotic feel of the place. Some strangers are talking, huddled in dimly lit corners others sipping cocktails at the bar. My Man orders us some drinks and he leads me across the dance Floor to sit on a couch at the bottom of a staircase. Weíre now watching couples around us chatting and getting cozy. Before I even finish my drink, I'm feeling incredibly relaxed and at ease.

We watch a few couples going up and down the stairs and it peaks my curiosity. My Man asks if I want to go upstairs and I answer with an irrevocable "yes".

As we approach the top of the stairs, I notice the silhouettes of couples behind sheer curtains moving slowly against each other. I can still hear the bass from the DJ below tantalizing me with deep sounding beats. I'm excited and intrigued as we grace the halls peeking curiously into each private sex room. At last, we peek into a room and watch a couple fucking doggy style on one of the beds. The tattooed man is bent over a blonde woman, as their bodies meld into each other they move in perfect rhythm. His firm cock sliding in and out of her, his hands placed under her and squeezing and massaging her enormous breasts as he grinds deep into her pussy. She was visibly enjoying herself moaning and thrusting back into him.

Itís the first time I have ever watched another woman get fucked and her facial expressions, moans and body movements curiously excited me. I could feel my nipples harden and since I wasnít wearing a bra, Iím sure it was obvious. My clit starts to pulse pleasurably as we continue to watch for awhile--and at this point my panties are more than just damp.

We continue down the hall taking inventory of the guests. We watch as they mingle, some standing and chatting with cocktails in hand, others sitting and talking. We have another drink and then I excuse myself to the bathroom.

After a few minutes in the bathroom my Man comes in. He kisses down my neck then slides hands up my dress. He pulls my panties down and asks me to step out of them. I relish the feel of his strong hands brushing against my thighs and the freedom of being panty less beneath my dress. I was already braless.

He then takes my wrist and escorts me out of the bathroom. As we make our way back towards the private rooms, he gets behind me and lifts my dress up so its now above my breasts. Feeling aroused and vulnerable, I continue walking while holding his hand in my heels nearly completely naked except for the dress which is now around the top of my body. My breasts bouncing with every step, are fully exposed along with my pussy for all eyes to see.

We slip into a private room and he turns to face me. He kisses me hard while holding my wrists firmly at my sides. He pushes me back against a wall and lifts my arms above my head while still firmly holding my wrists with one of his hands. The other rubbing, squeezing my breasts pinching my erect nipple. His fully clothed body pressing against my near naked body as we kiss, which excites me like crazy.

While his hands run all over me I watch us playing through the full length mirrors and I can see our reflection. Next heís standing behind me as I watch myself being touched, fondled and explored in the mirror. Heís kissing on my neck running his hands up and down my near naked body.

He pulls me over to the bed and forces me down into a sit. The excitement takes me over and I wrap my legs around his waist. I pull him back on top of me and we are kissing, touching grinding against each other while strangers hang about in the doorway watching us. I want him put his cock inside me to fuck me so hard but he makes me wait. Breath quickening and feeling totally hot, we leave the room and see more silhouettes, threesomes and foursomes touching, sucking and fucking behind sheer curtains. He then takes me over to a darkened corner of the lounge area.

We sit and sip drinks while taking in the atmosphere and developing scenes around us. We continue to cozy up close to each other fingers intertwined hands running over each others laps teasing, sexual tensions building like crazy.

Pressing closely into him as we sit while running my hands over his jeans I can feel his hard cock beneath my fingers. I keep rubbing my hand on it totally turned on by how hard it feels against my hand. While I am craving the feel of my manís hard cock in my mouth, a stranger comes and sits on the other side of me. As I sit in between men, Iím still rubbing my Manís cock through his jeans.

My breasts are fully exposed because my dress is still raised up. I have my legs crossed and all Iím wearing it seems is my heels. My Man tells the stranger I am in a naughty mood. The stranger scoots over and presses his body very close to mine. The stranger leans in and says ďOh?Ē ďWell maybe we can do something about that.ď My Man tells the stranger that I should indeed do something about that.

I am instructed by my Man to show the stranger just how naughty I am. Doing as I am told, and without hesitation, I turn and start to unbuckle the strangers belt. Before I am finished, the stranger is unzipping his jeans and anxiously pulling them down.

I get down on my knees in front of him and take his cock in my hand. Curling my fingers around the hard thick shaft I start to rub it up and down feeling it grow bigger and harder in hand. My dress is still hiked up above my tits exposing everything.

Staring up into my Man's eyes, I put the Strangerís swollen cock to my lips and start licking. Nice slow long licks up and down, teasing circles around the head and slit. Slowly I continue at first careful not to enclose it in my warm mouth just yet.

I can see my Man is getting hotter and I know he wants me to suck the strangers cock as he watches. Both men looked intoxicated with lust as I continue to tease my tongue up down and around the strangers now rock hard cock. My Man is now stroking his own cock while watching me. I then put my warm wet mouth around the strangers cock as the excitement between the 3 of us is quickening. The men talk in deep aroused voices about how hot I look, how nice my full tits are and how good I am with a cock, and this entices me even more. I now envelope strangers cock inside my mouth and I begin to suck. The thrill of a hard cock against my tongue makes my pussy drip wet and it starts to ache. I suck harder and faster my mouth thrusting up and down on the cock while my hand slides up and down the shaft.

Watching my man's eyes and seeing how turned on his is nearly makes me orgasm right then and there, but I stay focused to the task. Another stranger is close watching the three of us, and I hear my Man summon him over. My Man asks Stranger #2 if he would like to touch me and the Stranger #2 says yes and he kneels behind me. I feel the Stranger #2ís hands now running over my ass and brushing against my wet pussy. I hungrily suck Stranger #1ís cock and with my free hand I reach over and Start jerking my Manís cock in sync as I continue to lick and suck Stranger #1ís cock.

I can hear the second stranger behind me breathign heavy on my bare back and getting aroused watching whatís unfolding in front of him. I imagine heís now jerking his own cock as his fingers rub, tantalize, tease, and then finger my wet pussy. I let out a moan and continue sucking Stranger #1 while jerking my Man's now diamond hard cock. It took every bit of self control not to climb up on my Manís lap and straddle his hard thick cock and fuck him right then and there.

The four of us are all moaning and the men are talking about the scene as it continues to unfold in the dimly lit lounge right there for all strangers around us to see. My Man instructs me to make the first stranger cum so I do as IĎm told and quicken the pace with my lips tongue and mouth. The first stranger cums on his stomach and my Man instructs me to lick it up. I lick up the cum as I am told.

The Second Stranger behind me is now seated where first stranger was. My Man instructs me to suck the second strangerís cock. I'm excited and wanting to fuck my Man so bad right there, but I do as Iím told. I suck Stranger #2ís cock as he admires my face and breasts. Before the second stranger cums, my Man pulls me over to him and wants me to finish him off.

Iím incredibly excited to finally have my loverís cock in my mouth. Wanting to taste him, I can feel his hard cock in eager wet mouth and he takes my long dark hair into his grip and presses my head all the way down onto his cock. I love the sensation of his cock hitting the back of my throat. Itís as if his cock is fucking my throat now -- its so intense and I can feel him starting to cum.

He shoots his warm load of cum into the back of my throat and I swallow all of it I then lean up to kiss his mouth. He tells second stranger still sitting there naked and watching, that I am done he is now going to take me back to our hotel and fuck my brains out.

He didnít disappoint.

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